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Parallel Worlds Dark Energy (2022)

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

This is Dark Ambient with a fine ectoplasmic vibe in it

1 White Veil 10:44

2 Micro Universe 10:54

3 Sub-Atomic Particles 10:49

4 Dark Energy 10:46

5 Eternal Purity 10:47

Móatún 7 Music

(CD/DDL 54:01) (V.F.)

(Dark Ambient)

Quite the opposite of its title, White Veil moves on like a big black cloud that envelops the last daily lights. The movement is lifeless. Heavy and weighty, it extends its hold like an emperor of darkness with a pushing back effect on synth layers that clump together in a compact mass, giving this life without compass to a tenebrous music that sifts its sound particles with a slight radiance effect. Dusty, barely crystalline sounds that travel through the heart of the sail with whispers heard from afar. With its long buzzing breath, White Veil imposes its presence in its emotional nuances that make Parallel Worlds' dark ambient music easier to ingest. DARK ENERGY is Bakis Siros' newest solo work. And it can be said that the Greek musician persists in the same vein as In Respect to the Chaos of Noise instead of more accessible music for the genre like in the Dimensional album. This new album available on the Icelandic label Móatún 7 proposes indeed an electronic music (EM) of darker ambiences whose colors of the abstract make irradiate sound sources hidden in the slow eruptions of an energy which is renewed by the constant influx of its tenebrous layers.

Slightly less darkened, Micro Universe extends its buzzing membrane with a little more movement in the development of the synth layers. Its sound background remains as enigmatic as ever with these seemingly absent voices that seem to chant from an inexplicable suffering in a movement pigmented with barely audible tinkles. But for the whole, it remains very close to the borders of the first title with a long movement which transits in suspension between the music without life and the life without gleams. DARK ENERGY's first and only beats can be heard from the opening of Sub-Atomic Particles. They are muted and help to make this horizontal avalanche of synth layers, and their more moiré textures, flow with fluidity. The eddies of these layers' multiplicity also gives life to this dark ambient movement. A fascinating parallel singing of a synth wave unfolds a delicately deformed line, sometimes even jerky, in this stationary agitation whose colors have the effect of an opaline magma in ebony-colored lava. The more the track progresses, the more the percussions are feeding an ambient rhythm whose essences become more musical and flirt with those of Steve Roach. The title-track is conceived a bit like White Veil with a white noise texture and an industrial background more accentuated by layers that cling to the walls of a sound cave with the claws of life. There is however much more intensity and emotion in this Dark Energy than in White Veil. Eternal Purity ends this last opus about the greatness of Parallel Worlds' dark energies with a big flow of synth layers screaming of abyssal darkness. Ectoplasmic waves and crumbling stone scribbling with crisp tones complete a setting designed in the territories of a new imagination. This is Dark Ambient with a fine ectoplasmic texture as only Bakis Siros manages to get out of the placidities of a sordid and lifeless music.

Sylvain Lupari (August 18th, 2022) ***¾**

Available at Móatún 7 Music Bandcamp

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