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Parallel Worlds & Self Oscillate World Adapter (2015)

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

World Adapter is mainly for those who want to push the limits of the sound beyond the usual patterns of Psybient

1 My Window View 4:54 2 Day 1 3:51 3 Ground Warmth 4:36 4 May 4:28 5 Mental Station 5:05 6 Obscure Market 4:25 7 Ceramics 5:37 8 Peeled Branches 6:05 9 Legend Silence 6:35 10 Liquid Movement 4:21 DiN48

(CD/DDL 50:14) (V.F.) (Ambiospherical Psybient & Electronica)

Ringings of bottle which bloom like stridulations, words and/or organic chirpings as well as lively but concise beatings, open the fascinating soundscape filled of quirky tones of WORLD ADAPTER. A delicate harmonious thin line spreads its charms with four obsessional chord which float like leafs tracked down by winds between two dimensions, dropping here and there some remainders which are charmingly as harmonious which roam and get lost between two soundscapes of which the borders caresses the onirism and the psychedelism. The marriage between the pulsations and the particles of frying lost by the successive ringings sculpts the structure delicately hopping of My Window View. The rhythm and the melody, charmingly childish, gambol hand in hand, amassing at the passage the mooings of a bass line of which the greedy appetite gobbles up the mysticism of the ghost harmonies of the main line. Thus, is added a choir of locusts which sing in traps more and more increasing of clouds of mist. And so goes My Window View of which the crescendo of din diminishes with the addition of percussions which strum like a horde of fingers lost on a tense drum skin and the embraces of the very stylized violins which draw a phantasmagorical panorama. Noises on rhythms! Rhythms on very creative noises! So goes the fascinating din universe of Parallel Worlds and Self Oscillate.

WORLD ADAPTER is the 3rd collaboration of the Greco-Germanic duet who had united the fruits of their madness in Current Flow, under the name of Interconnected in 2004. If more than 10 years separate both works, the will to sign a unique music which is beyond the standards of the psybient style always remains the same. There was in fact an EP, Mechanic Environments in 2013, which had let floating an orientation towards a very ambient music, but Parallel Worlds and Self Oscillate had something else in mind. Centered on 10 tracks which exploit the mirages of the electronica and the passive rhythms of the IDM, this album is a real sound catalyst for those who feed their phantasms on the strange. The duet works marvelously the infinite possibilities of an arsenal of analog equipment to create a sonic world which would go marvelously with the frenzies of a Guillermo Del Toro at the top of his shape. But beyond the noises, there are always vampiric melodies, I think of the somber Mental Station, and these structures of rhythm which stamp and run like mice boosted by cocaine, hopping and roaming in a labyrinth of which each of the levels in spiral get more and more narrow. This is what I call stagnant but lively rhythms which make our fingers interwoven to madness! As exactly in Mental Station and Day 1 whose atmospheres are also black and sordid.

Each track has an abundance of a sonic fauna which becomes more and more hallucinating! If the screeching of Day 1 is almost musical, they are simply troubling on Ground Warmth. The rhythm pulses underhandedly, smothered that it is by these multiple deformed hoops which scratch the sonic firmament all over the album. Here, the approach of the noises is more organic, while the rhythm skips and puts on airs like a Hip-hop painted of jerky effect of ambiences. One could say that it's a Hip-hop marinated in break effects of moods. Pearls frozen in the mercury are tinkling in the opening of May which waves like a morphic down-tempo eaten away by a bass line which crawls as a wildcat in the middle of night lit by the dins of mocking insects and the perverse sniggers of ectoplasmic creatures. It's haunting! Obscure Market presents a very filmic sonic image with a rain which streams on a society lost in its slump. The rhythm is slow and the bass line, as well as the ceaseless bangings of the percussions, revive the memories of the soft and sensual rhythms from Massive Attack. Ceramics is a track for those who absolutely want to test the patience of their neighbors, and especially their life companion. The track emerges from the limbos with a mass of synth lines which undulate like big lazy boas on a big rock in the sun. A structure of rhythm, I would say a quite moderated mid-tempo, emerges between these morphic embraces in order to skip delicately in clouds of synth and their colors which are now hallucinogen. The rhythm and the ambiences collide gradually in an increasing raise of noises and cracklings of which the crescendo floods a pulsating bass line which has lost its rhythm in a pond filled of electronic frogs and of their organic chants broken by the spasms of the cracklings. After two listening, Lise and I had enough! Peeled Branches reconciles us with this symphony of noises swallowers of rhythms and ambiences with a rhythm which crumbs from all sides, the play of the percussions is rather brilliant here, from where shines a delicate melody puffed by these glass ringings which are an object of seduction all over WORLD ADAPTER. Liquid Movement reminds me of these bridal melodies of the spectres such as put in sound by Klaus Schulze, and later in the melodies for insomniac of Remy, with a beautiful piano which expiates the shadows of Peeled Branches. A beautiful track in an album which includes several and among which the barbarism of the sounds and the worship of the baroque noises of Parallel Worlds and Self Oscillate switch off hardly the romps of the rhythms and the melodies which are bordering with grace what the dark and iconoclastic psybient has of more beautiful to offer. This is for those who want to push the limits of the sound beyond known grounds.

Sylvain Lupari (September 16th, 2015) *****

Available at DiN Bandcamp

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