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PETE FARN: Albgaenge (2019)

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Albgaenge targets a clientele in search of the absolute in terms of hearing illusions where everything is possible if we let our imagination goes

1 Roßberg 14:24

2 grünblau 7:26

3 Herbstmaschine 6:40

4 Farrenberg 7:19

5 Donausausen 8:11

6 Stellberg 4:08

7 A-ModsArt-4 5:19

8 Traumfänger 8:03

(CD-R/DDL 61:32) (V.F.)

(Ambient, abstract EM)

Peter Farn in show! It must give a strange impression to attend rather a spectacle of a prestigious of the sounds. Of a magician who controls our attention by the colors and the shapes of his sounds. It was during a trip between Schönbuch and Schwäbischen Alb that ALBGAENE literally sprouted. Visiting different botanical parks located in northern regions of Germany, Peter Schaefer met friends who are also makers of abstract electronic art. The highlight was at the botanical garden of Tübingen at 2,700 feet above sea level with freezing temperatures where he gave a concert in the aisles of this garden in front of passers-by dumbfounded by his creative vision. So, came ALBGAENE; an album of sounds and effects, with very few rhythms and which is understood a little better with the video extracted from this spontaneous show.

Everything happens without rhythm and with very few emotions. There is a coldness which is illuminated by limpid tones which, on Roßberg, give an illusion of lullaby for bulbs, while the shadows of a disjointed music add a coldness with effects of sparkling reverberations. We hear impulses coordinated by the reverberation of the reverberating effects without ever a musical life emerging from the 14 minutes of this long title whose finale offers an interesting electronic dialogue. You can see and hear the genesis of Roßberg on this video filmed during this long excursion by Peter Schaefer to mythical botanical places on the coasts of Schwäbischen Alb. And those 14 minutes are a great indicator of what's to come. Sounds and tones which, like ink on blotting paper, take different forms and grouts that the imagination can interpret in a thousand ways. Grünblau is more aggressive in terms of tone and tonal fluidity. The decor imposes an ascending rhythmic vision which must be guessed, while the sounds are closer to cosmic troubles than bulbs' nests. And if you hear the language of a drill ... you are following in my footsteps! We thus slide towards Herbstmaschine and its structure of rhythm knotted in the oscillations of the lines of noise. Subsequently, it's a series of short titles which defend the visions of Peter Farn with more tame approaches, I think among others of Donausausen, A-ModsArt-4 and Traumfänger if we liked the period of Tangerine Dream with Conrad Schnitzler, as well as Stellberg which is a pure cosmic illusion.

In short, this ALBGAENE is not an album for everyone. It targets a clientele in search of the absolute in terms of hearing illusions where everything is possible if we let our imagination become attached to the visions of Peter Farn. Plants & Arts video, 1. Botan. Garten Tübingen greatly facilitates our visit to this universe.

Sylvain Lupari (February 16th, 2020)

Available at SynGate Luna Bandcamp

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