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PHROZENLIGHT: Clear Thoughts (2009)

It's a good cosmic rock album in a world of psychedelic prehistory with its sounds of the 60's and 70's

1 Crystal Movements 44:24

2 Dark Emotions 29:52

Phrozenlight Music

(DDL 74:16) (V.F.)

(Berlin School)

Phrozenlight is as prolific as a beehive! He produces albums at a staggering rate. A reader has rightly noted that the snobbery of EM was, among other things, due to the proliferation of successive works with the same artistic mold. There is a bit of truth in Sharkan's statement ...How can one be creative, while multiplying album over albums? Since 2000, Bert Hulshof has released more than 50 albums, if not more. Most are available for free on his site, while others are available in download on MusicZeit, like this CLEAR THOUGHTS, as well as on CD-r. This latest Phrozenlight album is in his purest tradition; either a mixture of ambient rhythms and of floating music with fine sequences which brings us back to the eras of Zeit and of the experimental years of the German art of the late 60's, early 70's. The wave echoes of a fascinating mellotron flute are trying to pierce the introductory opacity of Crystal Movements which quietly offers a static rhythm weakened by spasmodic keys. Gently, Bert Hulshof spreads out his meditative structure with a synth that makes waltz his sonic veils above a route of a minimalist sequenced line which winds and drifts towards a linear nervousness without ever overflowing, preferring to mold itself to slow movements space dance. The first half of Crystal Movements is an ode to tranquility that is torn by sequenced passages swirling in a sea of ​​waltzing layers that seem frozen in the universe. Around the 27th minute, the movement is animated by fluttering sequences which cross a cloud of cosmic dust where flutes from an unknown world travel through this rhythmic excitement. A nervous passage which is pierced by heterogeneous tones and coated of undulating layers which bring a certain degree of tranquility up until the final of Crystal Movements and its cosmic dusk rising from black chasms which filter an oxygenated rarity.

Dark Emotions strikes early! Our ears are seized with a heavy sequenced pattern from its opening. This sequence runs along a hesitant structure seized by a sequenced tom-tom which rolls among misty vapes. A synth drops its spatial particles which wrap around this circular sequence in order to maintain a rhythm set by muffled pulsations in a pond of heavy invasive strata. Linear minimalist cadence, Dark Emotions is like this kind of dream where everything is idling, even if one always has the vague impression of running.

CLEAR THOUGHTS will not go down in history! It's a good cosmic rock album, even if the sequences add rhythmic depth. It's a circular rhythm that pulsates in a world of psychedelic prehistory with its sounds of the 60's and 70's and its metallic strata which have quite an effect on a good hi-fi system. EM improvised according to the rules of Phrozenlight in another good homemade production that he elegantly signs. Like with Dreamland, the album is available on Internet, we must dig and dig, or by contacting Bert via the Bandcamp site of Phrozenlight.

Sylvain Lupari (December 15th, 2009) ***½**

Informations could be find at Phrozenlight Bandcamp

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