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PYRAMID PEAK: Fish'n Love (2001)

“Good structures of rhythms and great melodious visions from the synths, Fish'n Love should be considered as the album that moves PP a bit higher in the chessboard of EM”

1 First Mission 12:11

2 Elevation 6:44

3 Pulse 11:21

4 Changes 8:09

5 Impressions 6:46

6 Fish'n Love 11:01

7 Tiefschlaf 15:29

Bonus Track 2018

8 Tiefschlaf 2 6:38

(CD-r/DDL 77:49) (V.F.)

(New Berlin School)

In 2005 I wrote this in a local newspaper:

Let's admit from the start that this Pyramid Peak will not go down in history. In the same stride as the previous works, FISH'N LOVE hides some lengths, but especially some jewels that will please your eardrums. The musical structure of the music is still similar. So, it's no big surprise that First Mission begins this latest opus with noises and space voices that nest on a good movement of the sequencer. This rhythm remains static, and its evolution stays slow with some lengths. Elevation brings nothing better, except for the melody that melts in the ear. We must wait for Pulse before putting something in the ears. And the wait was worth it! After a start full of sound effects à la Software, a thin line of ambient rhythm emerges from the sequencer, and its softness inevitably comes to the ear. The sequencers release 2 to 3 lines of rhythms whose contrasts converge towards a good tortured symbiosis with a melancholy harmony that sprinkles with a honeyed synth and its unique tone at Pyramid Peak. My arm hairs have lifted! More dynamic, Changes makes a perfect link with Pulse. Here, the rhythm is dangerously contagious with an excellent mesh between the sequencers and the electronic percussions which deliver an intense spasmodic structure. The synths work hard also by launching piercing and incisive solos which are filled with convolutional axes. We are in the core of FISH'N LOVE with structures that are more worked, while keeping a melodious vision. And it continues with Impressions, by far one of the best tracks of Pyramid Peak. Subtle, the rhythm evolves and shapes to the beat of nervous percussions and sequences. The synth is scorching, plaintive and melodious. With the title-track, Pyramid Peak embraces the Tangerine Dream sound of the 70's, with a heavy rhythm thrown by a nervous sequencer and Edgar Froese's guitar. The effect is striking. Listen at full volume to capture the full depth! The e-guitar is strident and powerful. A great track! Tiefschlaf concludes with a hypnotic and static beat that stretches too much. The remastered version of SynGate, we are back to 2019, offers an abbreviated and more vivid version of this title; Tiefschlaf 2. Enhancing my first note of this album that is definitely better in its remixed version of 2018.

With a few lengths, FISH'N LOVE respects the musical signature of the German trio; heavy and nervous sequencers, fine and curt percussions' strikes, and the personal sound of the synths. Plaintive and incisive synths which are weavers of melodies, that make vibrate our emotions, and which also put down good sound effects. The sound of Pyramid Peak synths is something unique that you have to hear at least once in your EM fan life. We have the bite and we want more. Better than disappointing, with an absolutely divine core between Pulse and the title track, FISH'N LOVE is certainly the best work of Pyramid Peak so far.

Sylvain Lupari (June 15th, 2005) ***½**

Available at SynGate Bandcamp

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