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RALF WADEPHUL: When Aliens Meet a Drop of Water (2008)

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

It's a nice surprise which surfs on the recollections of Optical Race and navigates between rock, prog and symphonic EM

1 To Earth? Why Not! 1:00

2 Cosmic Cruiser 3:46

3 1st Sunlight 4:43

4 Endless Blue 5:58

5 Into the Thunder 5:27

6 Suffering Sharks 7:09

7 Neptun's Cave 10:53

8 Paradise Island 5:29

9 Praying for Rain 5:14

10 Dancing with the Clouds 4:54

11 Melancholy of Nature 5:09

12 Sunset Raga 3:01

13 Going Home 4:34

Manikin MRCD 7087

(CD 67:17) (V.F.)

(Electronic Rock, TD's tones of the 90's)

Tangerine Dream's Melrose years weren't my favorites at all. I quite liked a part of Optical Race, but I downright dropped out with Lily on the Beach. What is the link with Ralf Wadephul? Well it's him who has replaced Chris Franke during the making of Optical Race and the American tour which follows at the early autumn of 1988. It's from that era that lies half of the tracks of this first album in solo from the lightning visit in the multiple faces of Tangerine Dream. Released on Manikin in 2008 WHEN ALIENS MEET A DROP OF WATER stands on two parts. The first one consists of 8 new compositions, while the second part is an answer to TD's Blue Dawn where Edgar Froese had rearranged 8 compositions that he wrote in 1988 when he was touring with Edgar and Paul Haslinger. On his Web site, he explains that the way Edgar Froese had worked his compositions didn't reflected his vision. It's thus with apprehension, and after having received Ich Bin Ein Berliner, that I began the analysis of this album and frankly I was pleasantly surprised. Ralf Wadephul dilutes skillfully an EM which inhales the rhythmic warheads of Optical Race, but with a more intense and more audacious musical envelope where the big electronic rock, casted in heavy and sharp-edged riffs as well as in hammered percussions and sequences at knocks of thousand rhythmic jumps, is transporting melodies dipped into intense film approaches. I got to say that it's a good discovery where Ralf surfs, without hiding it, on the recollections of OR and navigates between rock, prog and symphonic EM.

Cosmic Cruiser seizes of the anemic breath of To Earth? Why Not! to offer the first similarities with