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Remote Vision Hypnos (2020)

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

I enjoyed this experience of decoding the boundaries of new synths in this vision of building corridors towards other frontiers

1 Airless 8:46

2 The Invisible City of Impossible Color 6:42

3 The Mirror Pool 3:06

4 Hypnos 11:12

(DDL 29:47) (V.F.)

(Dark Space Ambient)

I love it when a musician tries the experience of testing new instruments and sharing the fruits of his experiences with his fans. Remote Vision used the new Jupiter-Xm to create a 30-minute maxi-single where his music and style of Dark Space Ambient were confronted with a device that dramatically changes the textural colors of his music. In fact, HYPNOS is conceived in 4 phases where the music continuously crosses borders with a disconcerting ease for only 30 minutes of EM.

First of all, Airless and its accelerated beatings under a wave of sound vibrating like oversized chimes. The movement is linear with these hurried steps which jump in the passage of the last one… and so on, creating a pulsatile mass turning in circles. Layers of mist are encircling theses pulses and tones get inserted between these passing layers. Some expand the fields of sound activity with echo and reverberation effects, giving the music priceless richness of atmospheric elements. But for the most part, they turn into cybernetic language. And the initial idea seems to be a form of communication between machines from the reverberations of this linear line which survives by its lost hundred steps. R2D2 and c3po try to tame us with a lingual texture that always circulates between the orifices of the nebulae layers of whitish mist. From those beeps and other electronic chirps, this form of computer language becomes a chatty monologue that educates us (sic!) for the almost the 2 whole minutes before it reaches its ending and The Invisible City of Impossible Color (what title?) emerges from the void. This title, coming out of an imagination as fertile as African soils after the monsoon, projects impulses that move its slow 7-minute carcass like a swimmer, graceful underwater with these sensual movements copulating with the aquatic mysteries. The effect becomes a scintillating mass which sings like the specters of a Theremin which stretches its charms between the bass pulsations which tirelessly find their holes in this structure where the sound continues its metamorphosis to become this moaning specter and skirting these too reflecting walls which fail to erase its shameful trace.

We arrive at The Mirror Pool where Don C. Tyler extracts from his Jupiter-Xm a panoply of sounds in an atmosphere of fright which gives this metallic taste in a tied throat. The screeches are sharp and make me see Freddy scrape his oozing walls in his lair of a thousand secrets bound by blood. Hypnos is the longest track in this maxi-single of the same name. This is the kind of title that can be exploited endlessly, so much there are particles of beauty, and its contradictions, which emanate from it. We hear the gas from the ballasts, from this formless vessel that seems to sleep in the depths of the cosmic oceans. The texture has that warmth inherent to film music by superimposing these hazy lines, of which the cluster constitutes an intense and poignant cinematographic value. Hypnos migrates to new horizons in search of its genesis and the understanding of its bewitching sound powers. It's ambient music with a face painted in it by Remote Vision. A coded visage that explains the nature of its sound sources which are intimately linked in a long framework whose mysteries lead us in this axis where nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed!

Impressive! I enjoyed this experience of decoding the boundaries of the Jupiter-Xm with Remote Vision. I believe that the best is yet to come, so much the sound exhibitions of Exosphere are sorted to measure in order to bring us into a universe where Don C. Tyler and his acolytes have this vision of building corridors towards other frontiers.

Sylvain Lupari (September 4th, 2020) *****

Available at Remote Vision Bandcamp

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