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Remote Vision The World of Similitudes (2019)

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

Here's an ambient album full of nuances and of slight bounces in its multiple sleeping lines which force our hearing to grasp all the details

1 The Infinite Airs 6:20 2 In the Light of the Elder 12:00 3 A Tranquility of Many Balances 7:00 4 One Step Beyond Logic 7:01 5 To See Time Become Space 13:37 6 The World of Similitudes 8:00 Remote Vision Music

(CD/DDL 53:59) (V.F.) (Ambient Music, Pacific School)

THE WORLD OF SIMILITUDES admirably carries its title with a succession of tonal symphony which is at the service of the senses. Nothing is lost and nothing is created; everything is transformed in this album where the finale explains the beginning. More liberated than in Into Light, the music dares bold turns with organic textures that merge with darks reverberations always very nuanced in this album where the tepid and the hot gives birth to melodious filaments frozen between layers of drones. In doing so, Don C Tyler weaves an album full of mysteries in a still very precise and stylized sound detail of the house Synphaera and its Exosphere sub-label.

It all starts with a little jewel in The Infinite Airs and his wooden shoes hopping and hobbling in a carpet of fog. Harmonic thin lines from the Middle East are trying to pierce this dense veil of mist, but what captivates the hearing is this aerial dance of the wooden hooves. The scenery hooks some zests of intensity to our ears, it's always these tap dance dancing unexpectedly that catches all my attention. I can hear these ethereal gases sleeping on the floor of the rhythm, but that's always ... Well, you know what! It's only when they are silent, that we discover the sonic decoration of The Infinite Airs. But already, we want to hear again this informal dance of wooden hooves. The shadow is too strong for In the Light of the Elder which becomes the first of a series of very quiet titles of THE WORLD OF SIMILITUDES. The soundscape is linear with a mass of winds blown between contrasting sound textures in a long tonal tirade, where some more translucent filaments are running, that fill the ambiences. It's rather lifeless, except for a few astral waves which increase the level of intensity, in a mosaic without beats or melodic heat. In the end, the contrasts are only forcing a symphony of breezes to blow with slightly varying colors. This austere approach is reflected in the drones which opens the borders of A Tranquility of Many Balances. Thunders are heard in this mass of astral winds that hide beautiful organic tones. An intensity is formed between the fusion of these two entities and it takes us to a gentle dreamlike approach with a flute song on a bed of reverberations. The thunders and reverberations are the noisy setting of this seraphic melody. A horn of drones and tonal vibration opens the mysteries of One Step Beyond Logic. Despite their tones of reverberations, that are almost more musical than sinister, these ochre songs throw a tonal ink that turns into seraphic murmurs in a world scattered of faint explosions. To See Time Become Space is a more musical title with beautiful organic tones that crisscross a cosmic universe. Yes, it's possible...The slowness of the movement and the intensity in the deployment of its astral layers offer a solid first part while the cavernous breezes that get in after the 7 minutes are pure dens to develop the taste of meditative music. The title track is an oasis of serenity with a plethora of seraphic breezes whose slow undulations are like a copulation of tones in a universe of ether. The chant of these tone's lovemaking flows gently between linear phases when our ears meet a mass of sinuous reverberations which make born again these percussive elements of a lethargy undertaken since the end of The Infinite Airs. Remote Vision's THE WORLD OF SIMILITUDES is an album that must be heard before confining it to a night album. Always very beautiful, the music is full of nuances and slight unforeseen development in these multiple sleeping lines that force our hearing to grasp all the details. An ambient music album that joins this movement of the Pacific School and that stands out in this genre by democratizing it to make it even more melodious, even with textures a little closer to the psybient. Definitely, I like the albums I heard from Synphaera! Sylvain Lupari (April 12th, 2019) ***½**

Available at Synphaera's Patreon

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