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RENE VAN DER WOUDEN: Universal Quiet (2008)

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

REWO's Universal Quiet proposes a good album with a tameable dimension that makes us dream with eyes and ears open

1 In Silence 11:04

2 Pin Drop 17:44

3 Be Quiet 10:42

4 Go Quiet 9:46

5 Get Quieter 9:41

(CD-R/DDL 58:46) (V.F.)

(Berlin School)

René Van Der Wouden's UNIVERSAL QUIET is located between the flavourful and variegated atmospheres of Alchemia and the sumptuous mellotron movements of Pro Sequentia. This gives a vision of ambient music pushed by good impulses from the sequencer in a sea of analog sound effects while get grafting at lyrical synths and static sequences with melodious grouts.

In Silence doesn't open in silence. An electromagnetic storm is lost in the mists of a synth with breaths of galactic mermaids. A musical synth which sings in a galaxy in fusion crossing a pulsation with heavy reverberations which initiates a vacillating procession in a very ethereal cosmos. Hypnotic and captivating, the tempo delicately accentuates its cadence in a subdued universe of musical shooting stars and dark waves filled with celestial choirs. An opening that significantly portrays the identity of this 6th opus by the Dutch musician. The opening of Pin Drop takes place in a metallic din. Jets of stormy synths set up a war atmosphere with its apocalyptic sirens that howl in a lugubrious world emptied of life. A sinister intro with morphic layers that roll in a cosmos attracted by musicality and jostled by a fine cascading sequence that scrolls a serene rhythm on a very melodious synth. It's the synergy of the apocalypse and of the rebirth on a slightly increasing hypnotic sequence and synths with layers filled of angelic choirs. A tasty mellotron flute pierces the introductory oblivion of Be Quiet which comes alive with a crystalline sequence and which turns gently like a ballerina under hypnosis. An enchanting movement that molds itself delicately to manual percussion samplings and to smooth synth-mellotron strata. A synth-mellotron that creates the effect of a string ensemble with chimerical bows rubbing their strings with a poignant despair. It's a spellbinding title in a Native American tribal atmosphere on a cosmic background. A good find from René Van Der Wouden. Always in delicacy, Go Quiet skips of its spasms on nervous sequences which seem frozen in a morning jelly of a synthesized orchestra. Becoming a whirlwind of sluggish keys trapped in a mellotron stellar nebulosity, Get Quieter injects zigzagging sequences which oscillate in spirals in a hypnotic approach rolling in loops on avenues of dark and musical synths (Klaus Schulze and Gert Emmens styles) in a vision of melancholy poetry.

UNIVERSAL QUIET is a good album. An album whose style of the Dutch musician remains quite tameable in his signature not always clearly defined. In this sense that we feel a hold of Klaus Schulze which seeks to loosen his imprint of wandering music in search of rhythms. Rhythms here which constantly sail between moderate and more accelerated nuances in a vision of melodious serenity which surprises and charms with a very stylized musical approach for an album from an emerging artist in EM. To dream with eyes and ears open.

Sylvain Lupari (March 29th, 2008) ***¾**

Available at REWO Bandcamp

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