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RICHARD BONE: Infinite Plastic Creation (2007)

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

This is a very personal album which transcends the territories of Berlin School to embrace the sweet nuances of a New Age on tribal beats

1 Ryder Adrift (2:52)

2 Elastic Sahara (4:56)

3 Imperial Glide (5:34)

4 Kharmacom (4:44)

5 Toward Amitaf (5:21)

6 Where Stars Await You (6:19)

7 (You Are) Essence of Diamond (6:32)

8 Momentary Flux (2:04)

9 The Last Soul of Sophia Sinn (6:23)

10 Father of Pearl (6:22)

11 Indiga, Once Again (8:42)

(CD/DDL 60:16) (V.F.)

(Tribal ambient, New Age)

It happens in life when we need gentleness and tenderness. And it's at these moments that we notice the true from the false. Without being a totally pure EM of Berlin School style or yet progressive, INFINITE PLASTIC CREATION is an intensely intelligent and immensely poetic album. And yet, I had a smirk as I read the description of this last opus by Richard Bone; there will be pieces of music that will haunt the listener. How true is this quote! Delivering his emotions held back on Serene Lives of Microbes, Richard Bone offers 11 tracks, all equally tasty from each other, with a liberating devotion. Like if the author was drawing a line on a painful passage in his life. Ryder Adrift is one of those titles where the ambient vision flirts with hypersensitivity. Soft notes are floating over dark modulations which are tinted with translucent sound bursts on a mist lightly vaporous. Such of quiet movements, filled of high emotion can also found here. I'm thinking of Imperial Glide, a track of dense melancholy. There is also Kharmacom with its bewitching synthesized modulations which stand out in hypnotic loops. We can put Indiga, the closing title, here. There is also Once Again where dark intonations intertwine with a dreamy piano and a synth with wounded breaths. Richard Bone intelligently explores the beauties of a tribal world with enchanting harmonies. Like on Toward Amitaf, Elastic Sahara and Father of Pearl where tribal flutes awaken a nature on the lookout. The rhythms become more airy with fine sequenced percussions, mainly samplings of African tribal percussions, and distant pipes which harmonize with some pretty good orchestral arrangements, surrounding massively the ethnic rhythms. Where Stars Await you is excruciatingly sensitive. The rhythm is soft and pitching on a synth with a lunar breath which traverses a starry road of vaporous harmonies which float above the soft reverberations. A title to sleep, dream and even cry! With its soft techno beat and its piano that nestles in it with melodious relentlessness, (You Are) Essence of Diamond is a pearl that hooks instantly, while making raise the hairs of our arms. A languid synth flies over the movement, setting up its violin breaths which are of a languid loving approach like the caresses of a beloved. A title with arrangements of a monster subtlety where the throbbing choirs mingle with orchestrations. After a very ambient Momentary Flux, The Last Soul of Sophia Sinn returns to this specific heaviness which overhangs INFINITE PLASTIC CREATION. The rhythm is soft but inviting with an unstoppable touch that attracts the senses, on airy notes that are lost in a synth with tight wings.

Richard Bone submits a most personal work that transcends the territories of a Berlin School style of EM to embrace the sweet nuances of a New Age on tribal rhythms of a tribe of lonely. At the crossroads of Steve Roach and Vangelis, INFINITE PLASTIC CREATION is an opus which gets along with all the emotion of a tormented passage and which, indeed, will haunt you for a few hours.

Sylvain Lupari (September 6th, 2007) *****

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