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ROBERT KALYOS: A Mysterious Dawn (Expanded) (2021)

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

It's especially two new and very interesting ways to rediscover the spirit of this title

1 A Mysterious Dawn

(Expanded) 13:16

2 A Mysterious Dawn

(Minimal - Bass-Line) 7:19

Robert Kalyos Music

(DDL 20:36) (V.F.)

(Melodious EM, Soundtrack)

In my review of the album Hybrid System of Variable Sequences, I wrote that Robert Kalyos was constantly striving for excellence. I forgot to add; and he doesn't charge you for it! A MYSTERIOUS DAWN (EXPANDED) features two versions of what Robert had designated as the album's single. It's free, as you can give what you want, and it's especially two new and very interesting ways to rediscover the spirit of this title.

It's not percussions, nor the slow beat that awaits us in the opening, but rather a shadow of bass calling out its reverberating shadows and that slow beat knotted this time in mystery that open the first title. The bass line spits out organic chords that gurgle as they leap limply under those beams of sonic light that illuminate the distant origins of A Mysterious Dawn. Slower and especially more mysterious in its chthonian shroud, A Mysterious Dawn (Expanded) drags its sonic skin and its rhythmic carcass under these tears of synthesizer from which the fragrances of Vangelis are meeting those of Tangerine Dream. The title clearly slips in the perfumes of Stratosfear and the ambiences of the 77's North American tour, more precisely the Encore album. An excellent denouement that my ears never heard coming! The mysterious loops of the synth solos become puny here. While the processional step remains anchored in its organic vision, we hear this ethereal layer of voices softened this Mephistophelian vision of the new version of A Mysterious Dawn that is anything but a filler act. Very good and I love this Mephistophelian vision of the music! A Mysterious Dawn (Minimal - Bass-Line) is a little less easy to get used to, because of its obscure way of crawling without the bass. One will appreciate on the other hand the luminous side of the melody which vibrates with the timbre of a keyboard disguised as a harpsichord. The gleaming arpeggios shine as much as the synth that coos its melody in obsessive loops. Different and attractive, like everything that this brilliant musician who never lack ideas and inspiration.

Sylvain Lupari (August 5th, 2021) *****

Available at Robert Kalyos Bandcamp

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