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ROBERT RICH: Offering to the Morning Fog (2020)

The goal is achieved, this is a very good album to help you disconnected from our crazy race against everything

1 Distant Traveler 13:13

2 Cantus for Hospitality 9:34

3 Oneiric Cocoon 11:03

4 Awake When Shadows Walk 11:05

5 Refuge in Breathing 10:48

6 Fall Up, the Clouds Will Catch You 12:07

Soundscape ‎– SP037

(CD/DDL 67:50) (V.F.)

(Ambient relaxing music)

Answering to a request and a need from his legion of fans, Robert Rich made it his mission to produce an album of meditative music that could offer them a quiet place to relax. Clear your mind by giving yourself to dormant shadows and waves during morning fogs! A challenge within the reach of Robert Rich, a sculptor of atmospheres and sound textures who is approaching the 40th album with this OFFERING TO THE MORNING FOG. And with this album, Robert enters in my big court of musicians that have built a perfect moment to sleep on. The American musician weaves a particular universe where darkness meets light in a slow symphony dominated by gigantic layers of wooshh and waashh where these flute airs are hidden, unique to his soundscapes. No distortions, despite the presence of drones, on these meditative structures where sleep meets wakefulness. In short, a splendid album ...

It's with distant cracklings of dry wood that a first synth wave rises well before the sun. Distant Traveler sets in with a tone that's like those breezes between hollow tree trunks that are brought to our ears by that inseparable PVC flute and the e520 drone maker. The movement is like these great wings of serenity whose flights are propelled by the gentle impulses of the sequencer. Here, like everywhere in this album, there is no rhythm. Only the sequenced impulses quietly enliven the ambiences while the harmonies, and they are numerous, are blown by a flute accompanied by the effects of the Haken Continuum. In fact, it's Robert Rich at his best! The cracklings of a peaceful wood fire adorn the spectral part of Cantus for Hospitality which offers a more neutral, more subdued tone. The air of the fluted winds is melancholy, if not almost morose. Sometimes acute at the level of emotions, as serious at the level of fatality, these sibylline breaths are like wandering souls returning home. Oneiric Cocoon is more muffled. The multiple breaths combine with the power of the floating drones to create a more robust movement at the sound level. A few translucent filaments impose a presence filled with serenity, bringing the buzzing of the flute and the amplitudes of the H.C. to heights of serenity hitherto forbidden in OFFERING TO THE MORNING FOG and of its secret voices. There is emotion and intensity per square inch in the flute lines offered in Awake When Shadows Walk which are simply divine with a slight tremolo in tone. The chimes are activated a little more in the second part of the title which also takes on a slight spatial tint. Chimes like droplets of sound that drift quietly at the feet of Refuge in Breathing and its more emotional amplitude. The buzzes are as heavy as a stormy sky, thus bringing a more animated title with an avalanche of flute lines which bicker with the floating shadows of the HC. Fall Up, the Clouds Will Catch You brings the ambiences back to their initial level with a long, tender movement that once again spreads that serene tranquility which is at the heart of OFFERING TO THE MORNING FOG.

Here is a very beautiful album of sleepy music that Robert Rich has designed at the request of his fans. An album of original music. That must be specified, since the American musician did not have any remains of sessions in his vault for music to be exploited later. And always very generous of his person, Robert offers an uncut version of OFFERING TO THE MORNING FOG in a 24 bit and 5.1 version which is included in the download. The album is also available on CD manufactured by Soundscapes. A great companion to help you disconnected for our crazy race against everything.

Sylvain Lupari (December 13th, 2020) ***½**

Available at Robert Rich Bandcamp

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