• Sylvain Lupari

ROBERT RICH: Vestiges (2016)

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

A lot quieter, Vestiges follows the path of WWLB in moods and visions which reflect this battle of human being against forgotten

1 The Fading Shore of Memory 6:20 2 Night Seas Luminesce 6:59 3 Spectre of Lost Light 15:16 4 Obscured by Leaf Shadows 5:27 5 Equipoise and Dissolution 8:49 6 Reborn in Brackish Pools 3:40 7 Anchorless on Quiet Tide 16:00 Soundscape | SP029

(CD&DDL 62:31) (V.F.) (Dark ambient music)

Metallic jingles, buzzing shadows and hits of hammers! Then an appearance of peaceful life with songs of birds and children's shouts which get lost in these floating strata of a lap-steel guitar which stole to the synth all of its spectral airs. The Fading Shore of Memory sets the tone to a suite (awaited?) to What We Left Behind. The atmospheres are gloomy with a dive in the effects of fiercely enveloping drones, effects of rustles that we hear in the form of a metallic rain as well as these lengthened lamentations skillfully structured with in the union of the lap-steel and the synth. Certainly, there are some movements of rhythms, as in the opening of Night Seas Luminesce. But that remains very shy and a piano absorbs these scattered knockings with an incredible delicacy for moods so black. In fact, everything is very ambient in VESTIGES. Except that Robert Rich handles pretty good the art to seize our attention by plunging us literally into his very post-apocalyptic territories with skeletons of melodies modulated by a piano which mislaid fragments almost everywhere around Night Seas Luminesce in order to drive us to the pinnacle of the 1st part of this last Robert Rich's album with the fall of the angels which rages around the first minutes of the very intense Spectre of Lost Light. The atmospheres are deeply hollowing with a heavy nimbus of drones and of celestial voices. Voices which little by lit