• Sylvain Lupari

ROBERT SCHROEDER: Velocity (2017)

“Was I a bit disoriented to the first listenings of Velocity? Absolutely and that's proper to the contemporary opuses of Robert Schroeder and without effort I ended by liking it”

1 Velocity of Flow 11:27 2 Strength of Pressure 8:44 3 Xpress Yourself 7:54 4 Aftertouch 7:28 5 Velocity 9:36 6 Ribbon Control 8:37 7 Psychedelic 10:35 Spheric Music ‎| SMCD 2036

(CD 64:21) (V.F.) (EDM, Berlin and New Berlin School)

In music, the term VELOCITY refers to the pressure, the speed and the length of a pressed key in an electronic keyboard instrument. This can be used to influence sounds, from very sensitive to powerful and aggressive. So, such a signification leads to suggest to an album at both sensitive, powerful and, to the limit, aggressive? Not really! In fact, this 36th album of our dear Robert Schroeder is a collection of titles surprisingly romantic where the brilliant musician and designer of musical technology shows off his talent with a surprising precision to fetch the chord and the effect which explains the bewitchment of his fans for his music. You remember the label IC? The Software years and more precisely of Double Fantasy's Universal Avenue? It's straight to these paths that the musician of Aachen, who received Schallwelle Award for his whole work and contribution to EM the exact same date as the release of VELOCITY (February 18th, 2017) drags us with an album that I would qualify of amazing, both for the wealth of its music and by the completely unexpected impact of a style for that nobody expected, even if all of us hoped for it.

Velocity of Flow