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Sacred Skies (Best of AD Music Vol 2) (2005)

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

This is another superb compilation that shows a more orchestral and tribal aspect of AD music

1 The Plains (Bekki Williams) 2:14

2 Nandana - Paradise of Indra (Catalin Marin) 5:52

3 Angel Dust (Witchcraft) 3:39

4 Fallen (Code Indigo) 2:58

5 Over Turquoise Seas (R. Fox) 6:16

6 Taiga (David Wright) 5:00

7 Call of the Earth (Code Indigo) 6:30

8 Under the Same Sky (B.Williams) 2:33

9 Sacred Skies (David Wright) 4:05

10 Flame Sky (David Wright) 4:50

11 Iceberg (Catalin Marin) 4:03

12 Jumping Air (Raviv Gazit) 3:09

13 Night Flier (Bekki Williams) 5:02

14 Three Sisters (Robert Fox) 4:38

15 When the Morrow Breaks (Enterphase) 2:52

16 Setisphere Part 1 (Callisto) 5:34

17 Cathedral (Witchcraft) 4:44

18 Code 11 (Code Indigo) 4:23

AD Music ‎– AD48CD

(CD/DDL 78:34) (V.F.)

(E.M. New Age. Prog Rock EM)

After the success of Ocean of Light, AD Music returns with another excellent compilation, SACRED SKIES (Best of AD Music Vol 2). A second compilation in 2 years for a label that chooses its artists wisely, may seem enormous. Especially in 2006 where AD Music only produced 3 albums, all very good by the way, and this compilation does not touch any of its releases. It shows the depth and quality of this label. This compilation is different from Ocean of Light. The coherence of the harmonies is still present and seems ideal for creating another DVD, but the titles proposed are more rhythmic, more energetic. Certainly, there are always superb sweet melodies, like the exquisite The Plains from Bekki Williams, an original track, where good enveloping and dense layers progress on bass pulsations and a nice pan flute. Under the Same Sky is another superb romance with a romantic piano nestling in the embraces of a violin synth with melodious and comforting layers. Kind of like Fallen from Code Indigo. Angel Dust, with a superb sweet and haunting voice, is another beautiful melody from Witchcraft.

Catalin's Nandana-Paradise of Indra portrays the quality of the material found in AD Music's catalog. Catalin offers us a track wit