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SAMUEL CADIMA: Outros Horizontes (2020)

And those little details! They make a huge difference in this album which deserves amply to get out of anonymity

1 De Partida no Teleporto 11:01

2 Refúgio 11:00

3 Montanha de Nuvens 5:35

4 Outros Horizontes 11:53

(DDL 39:30) (V.F.)

(Berlin School, Ambient, Prog)

The new Argentinian label Cyclical Dreams has injected new blood into the current EM scene with a bunch of artists coming mainly from Argentina, Brazil and other countries with Latin emotions. While digging through this labyrinth that has become Bandcamp, I came across Samuel Cadima. And a first listening of De Partida no Teleporto quickly conquered my senses in alert Berlin School, inspiration Tangerine Dream. And with good reason! The movement of the sequencer is circular and each key falls with sharpness and precision. Zigzagging with delight, this very Berlin School rhythm will be the bed of this splendid title with these endless rhythmic loops which will condition a slightly stroboscopic static rhythm. The excuse is all found to insert tearful guitar licks as well as solos whose loops paired with this superposition of sequences weave a finely spasmodic musical mosaic whose essence revolves mainly on the axes of Manuel Göttsching. An excellent track that starts off a very special album, because if you feel the talent of the Portuguese musician, it may take a few listenings to fully appreciate a great album that came from nowhere. Refúgio begins with winds carrying rain, distant synth effects and dialogues that cultivate this openness closer to the psychedelic years. This essence of Krautrock takes root when you brew a bundle of wooden matches and finally the sound of a burning one is lost in the silence. A silence of suspense that breaks when a melody of a Halloween genre, but moreover uncomfortable, darkens the already very messy decor which after 3 minutes explodes with a furious electronic rhythm awakening even the reminiscences of Adelbert Von Deyen on Time Machine. A beautiful fury with an analog flavor! The second part is very floating while the finale of Refúgio is conceived out of a psychedelic Krautrock.

Montanha de Nuvens opens with a rhythmic tune of an acoustic six-string. An organ layer supports this tune while giving it a progressive rock appearance. The organ is played very well by the way and wonderfully follows the different avenues of this ballad which ends up embracing a tangent of progressive heavy rock with a sound of the 70's. Especially when Samuel Cadima takes out his electric guitar! The production is top-notch with muffled sounds, creating the illusion of a recording session's bootleg. The small details! Cadima knows how to create and use them. It's with the arches of reverberations following one another in a frightening ambience that the long title-track takes place. The reflections of the reverberations amplify a sinister uneasiness of dread that percussive effects cut out a form of vaporous rhythm pushed by the implosions hidden in the fat of these reverberating lines. Some prismatic sound effects sculpt phantom's ouh-ouh which invade organ layers with reverberating arches. Percussive effects flutter in the curves of these reverberations whose continual flow is the source of different sound effects. Outros Horizontes then becomes music for a suspense movie with a dark side. This ambient music takes advantage of the effects of continuous reverberations to lay down different prismatic elements in order to make us feel the intriguing side of other horizons.

With this analog flavor encrusted by the Farfisa, Klaus Schulze's favorite instrument in his early days, Samuel Cadima' OUTROS HORIZONTES is a very beautiful journey back to the time when electronic music was learning to distance itself from Krautrock. We find of everything in this 40 minutes of music that winks at the great artisans of the past without losing a second of its authenticity. And those little details! They make a huge difference in this album which deserves amply to get out of anonymity!

Sylvain Lupari (March 5th, 2021) *****

Available at Samuel Cadima Bandcamp

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