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FaBIO SBRIZZI: Comunicare (2006)

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

IMHO, Comunicare is the best album of 2006 in the EM fields

1 Ipnoestasia 18:28

2 Ampipensieri I 9:15

3 Animus Musicorum 5:40

4 Leningrado 11:23

5 Respiro te 7:48

(DDL 53:24) (V.F.)

(Analog Berlin School)

FaBio Sbrizzi is Mac's partner from the Italian duo BIOnighT. Moreover, it is thanks to him that we can hear this solo offering that he wanted to keep in his archives. Because COMUNICARE is different on an artistic level. There are few sequencers and all the minimalist chords that we hear scrolling, are sounds crafted one by one by Sbrizzi. A remarkably meticulous work that requires a lot of time and gives amazing results. This is quite incredible, especially when we listen to the first notes of Ipnoestasia.

They are agile and sound like glockenspiels on a pulse increasing with irregular intervals. These pulsing bass-lines form circles of reverberations deepening a harmonious and warm evolving beat. The rhythm is fluid on percussions that clatter with precision on a spiral movement harmoniously hypnotic. The chords are cascading over floating synth layers on an airy rhythm, creating two contradictory rhythmic visions. A superb synth with sensual outbursts sails alone on this superb Ipnoestasia, an astonishing work that impresses to the utmost. No matter what happens to the rest of COMUNICARE, this long track is worth the price of the cd originally released on SynGate. But this is not the case because from the first chords of Ampipensieri I we are spellbound by this minimalist rhythm that goes by with grace. Superb violin strata add a romantic depth to a ME that increases the pace on notes swirling in an increasingly harmonious sphere. Animus Musicorum is an aggressively modulated track, driven by explosive percussions and pulses on a jagged movement. Just the opposite of Leningrado; a procession that evolves with a plaintive guitar on an undulating movement with floating and harmonious layers. Sbrizzi spices up this musical carousel with minimalist chords and solos with spiritual fragrances on progressive and enveloping strata. A marvelous reverie that ends on fluttering notes with spiral contours. Leningrado is another colossal track. Written with his buddy Mac, Respiro Te is a linear pulse with a good synthesizer which oscillates between organ and accordion tones. Set to the rhythm of an astral march with faint vocal intonations that mingle with the harmonious, floating breaths of the synths, Respiro Te fades out with a violin.

Like it or not, one is always influenced by the description of an album before buying it. I was therefore disenchanted when I read that the use of a sequencer was at its minimum on COMUNICARE. The sequencer being synonymous of rhythms, multi-sound musical swirls and many other things, I always believed in its essentiality. I was wrong because of course it is a fantastic album that I have in my hands. A powerful album where Fabio Sbrizzi shows ingenuity and an innate talent for composing music. A great album full of surprises, emotionality, tenderness and spirituality. All this, in a most amazing sound envelope. According to my tastes, which are sometimes difficult to specify, COMUNICARE is the album of 2006 in the EM world. It can now be found on BIOnight Bandcamp.

Sylvain Lupari (December 11th, 2006) *****

Available at BIOnight Bandcamp

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