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Updated: May 27, 2020

Epoch is an ambiophonic work weaved in the meanders of prehistory which pushes away the limits of the ambient term

1 Cambrian Explosion 9:45

2 Devonia 22:40

3 Triassic Extinction 8:58

4 Jurassic Dawn 14:37

Lotuspike LSM23

(DDL/CD 54:00) (V.F.)

(Tribal ambient, Electro-Acoustic)

Of far off are thundering some tom-toms of which the furtive knocks perturb the tranquility of an ocean suspended to its lapping. Lapping which get lost in the cracklings emerging out of the depths of an aquatic fauna to blow into EPOCH its first droning breaths. Cambrian Explosion starts Shane Morris & Mystified's prehistoric musical adventure with a thick cloud of static layers which accumulate and buzz in an ambience tetanised into guttural breaths. Here, no melody! Only some long buzzing lamentations which invade our ears in a powerful atmospheric sonic texture.

First musical act of a trilogy to come, EPOCH is a musical painting with dark caustic breaths which depicts the evolution of the Earth from its Mesozoic era. As much daring as intriguing, this first opus of Shane Morris and Thomas Parkis a purely contemplative work where we discover the genius of the American duet who uses only acoustic instruments to give more authenticity to this highly experimental musical project. Instruments depict as organic, such as brass trombones, didjeridoos, vibraphone, bass drums, scissors, and assorted percussions. A panoply of instruments as heterogeneous as unusual which embroiders a surprising sound texture similar to synths and where only the didj and drums seem familiar to us. It’s a creative work intended for a public fond of researches and sound experiments which finds its entire dimension with a good pair of earphones. It's also an album which follows an evolutionary bend of the prehistory and each title wants to be a reflection of this evolution. Thus, Devonia brings the first melodic lights with the weak breaths of a choir hidden in a cave, wandering near a crackling fire. Crackling which sometimes sound like lost footsteps and voices which sometimes resound like the breezes of a wind evaded by the curves of a cave flooded with droning sound arcs. The 2nd portion of Devonia is intensely submerged by static layers which growl and buzz in a caustic ambience. Breaths which little by little diminish to get lost in a sharply more cleared up ambience. More serene and less dark, Triassic Extinction is a long quiet river fed by more limpid musical layers from where are ringing some murmurs lost in a floating mist. Jurassic Dawn loops the loop of this sonic experience with noises of insects which go hunting at twilight. It sounds like a swarm of mosquitoes of which the hummings become entangled into sinuous reverberations which resound in the echo of their elongated breaths, weaving a black threatening universe. We hear tom-toms lose their knocks which go astray in this tempestuous torrent of static shadows. Shadows which float in the breezes of the didjeridoos and the howling of an animal fauna forgotten in the stigmas which decorate the timeless walls of our Genesis.

EPOCH is an ambiophonic work weaved in the meanders of prehistory. A purely atmospheric work which pushes away the limits of the ambient term with sound waves and shadows which adopt the magical sound of the absent synths by a multitude of movements stigmatized in an imagination without borders. We cannot remain indifferent to the musical quest of Shane Morris & Mystified. A duet which lays a surprising musical canvas where the soundscapes of a Jurassic world are created by the magic of the sounds. It’s maybe not for all, but one has to raise our hat in front of so much artistic creativity.

Sylvain Lupari (May 27th, 2012) ***½**

Available at Spotted Peccary Music

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