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SOMNIUM Plane Music: Otros Mundos, Otros Soles (2001/2022)

A wonderful blend of vintage tones gathering electronic progressive Rock and Cosmic Rock

1 Overtura (Otros Mundos) 1:29

2 Otros soles 2:08

3 Geoformación 4:25

4 Al margen del tiempo 4:31

5 Universos paralelos 5:00

6 El exterior 6:16

7 El lugar acuático 8:20

8 El interior 5:09

9 ¿Quién hay ahí? 5:59

10 Allí arriba 3:43

11 Biosferas 3:57

12 ¿Es una vida buena? 3:48

13 Todas las lágrimas del mundo 7:57

14 Flashback 2:12

15 El mejor recuerdo 3:58

Cyclical Dreams Music CYD 0051

(DDL 68:53) (V.F.)

(Electronic Prog Rock, Cosmic Music & Berlin School)

I can imagine the thinkers of Cyclical Dreams moving heaven and earth, turning over rocks and tree branches in the landscapes of our planet in order to find illustrious unknowns who simply do not deserve anonymity. Otherwise, how do they make us discover such magnificent pearls through the 50 download albums of their online catalogue. Other worlds, other suns! This new musical project sails on the 2 poles of the Argentine label by proposing a very good mosaic of electronic music (EM) as crazy and as appetizing as deliciously easy to tame. Originally released in 2001 on CD-R, OTROS MUNDOS, OTROS SOLES is getting a second life in its entirety. The album approaches the 69 minutes which are distributed between 15 tracks that are, for the most part, too short, preventing this possible quest to a reverie without interruptions. But beyond that, we have here a tasty mix of progressive and electronic with a delicious bouquet of the vintage years. SOMNIUM Plane Music is a musical project that goes back as far as the early 90's. The trio, comprised by Manuel Jesús Rodríguez and Guzmán Concejo on keyboards, synths and arrangements, and Ángel Luis Martínez on guitars, bass and synths, is more visible on YouTube with their own page of 36 subscribers where it is possible to visualize about ten videos.

For such a short title, Overtura (Otros Mundos) fills our ears to the rim by beginning with big reverberating filaments. Whistling, sound effects and a dialogue between two synthesizers continue its fascinating musical journey where the perfumes of Latin music gather on a rhythmic structure that never has enough time to bloom. And yet... This dialogue, or rather this spoken song between 2 synthesizers, continues on the ambiences of Otros soles where I can't understand why these 2 tracks are separated. Whether they are short tracks, medium and others longer, the 15 or so tracks of this album are overflowing by a tonal flora that keeps our ears in constant wonderment. Geoformación continues with a cosmic electronic rock of the same construction than Neuronium with this very vintage tone that has seduce