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Steve Roach Atmosphere for Dreaming (2019)

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

“Some beautiful meditative music by the undisputed master of the genre”

1 Atmosphere for Dreaming 73:57 TimeRoom Edition (DDL 73:57) (Ambient, Meditative Music) (V.F.)

A muffled humming! Like a vibratory hollow wind which lies down peacefully between our ears and turns into welcoming breezes for an organic flora and a paradise for birds of all kinds. Another wave stands out and rises with a seraphic vision, guiding ATMOSPHERE FOR DREAMING even deeper into our inner spirit, where meditation takes many forms. Forms that Steve Roach manages to find and exploit over each album which attracts constantly new followers. Modeled following The Dream Circle, which was originally a canvas of atmospheres for Steve's 90's concerts, ATMOSPHERE FOR DREAMING was developed as part of the concerts in Tucson and Santa Fe, and at Soma FM Broadcasts while the American musician was performing the main lines of Return to the Dreamtime. The music is based on the intertwining of sound waves that Steve Roach opposes to a vast sampling of nature sounds, such as chirping birds and streams flowing in a tundra full of lichens and ferns. The link to make with the Australia's landscapes and soundscapes are obviously great accomplices of our imagination. The structure runs its 73 minutes on repetitive loops, with subtle variances in the sampling structures, which tirelessly forge a long meditative journey where our senses also perceive spiritual hums that we notice even more towards the 50 minutes. The finale is majestic, for fans of the genre, with waves and extremely musical winds that awaken memories of Structures from Silence. Offered for just $ 5 on Bandcamp's Timeroom Edition website, ATMOSPHERE FOR DREAMING will soon be available on manufactured CD later this March. Some beautiful meditative music by the undisputed master of the genre. Sylvain Lupari (March 4th, 2019) *****

Available at Timeroom Edition's Bandcamp

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