• Sylvain Lupari

STEVE ROACH: Immersion Five - Circadian Rhythms (2011)

Updated: Mar 6

We have here Steve Roach's best of both worlds in one album; ambient vibes and tribal beats

CD I (73:44)

1 Circadian Rhythms-Phase One 13:56

2 Circadian Rhythms-Phase Two 23:05

3 Circadian Rhythms-Phase Three 36:43

CD II (73:33)

1 Shroud of Night 73:33

Timeroom Editions TM24

(CD/DDL 147:17) (V.F.)

(Tribal Ambient)

Was there something to add after the first 4 parts of the Immersion series? You have to believe that with Steve Roach, we are never safe from surprises. IMMERSION FIVE – CIRCADIAN RHYTHMS is an amazing album where ambient music and tribal rhythms distance themselves from each other. If Shroud of Night is a long meditative introspection that does not add anything new to this immersion of atmospheres of the series, Circadian Rhythms teems with a finely dissected microscopic life.