• Sylvain Lupari

STEVE ROACH: Immersion: Four (2009)

Updated: Mar 6

It's soft, beautiful and extremely intuitive. And say that I did hate this kind of music once…

1 Immersion: Four 73:55

Timeroom Edition TM 22

(DDL 73:55) (V.F.)

(Ambient Music)

You know! There were days that I disliked these long ambient works. I found those meaningless and without harmonies. It's with Steve Roach and his superb Structures from Silence that I learnt, on the very late, to appreciate the magic and tranquility that brings these works that I find comforting during period of introspection and stress. Then I enjoyed more ambient works. But still Structures from Silence and Michael Stearns' Chronos are my best shots to calm down. With Steve Roach we are never sure of what will coming out and I have to admit that I didn’t believe that he could again exploits the abyssal depths of sleep, auras and intrapersonal relaxation, without falling in repetition and boredom. Well, needs to believe that master of dark and heavy ambient can recreate again a sound dialect within his meditative thought.

Although more hermetic and more claustrophobic than the previous works of the Immersion series, IMMERSION FOUR brings a warm vision to our personal mantra, the one we create from our visions and faiths. Immersion IV is an oblong musical ode which is spreading under long warm breezes, transporting us to the doors of our subconscious quite as the enveloping Artifact Ghost from