• Sylvain Lupari

Sverre Knut Johansen METAHUMAN (2022)

Updated: Sep 25

A splendid album of symphonic electronic music whose charms grow with each listen


2 HUMAN (Path of Destruction) 10:34

3 Unity of Existence Through Evolution 8:48

4 Immortal 5:45

5 META (The Light Inside You) 6:24

6 METAHUMAN (Extended) 9:51

7 Fluctuations of Awareness 7:55

8 Miracle of Existence 7:35

9 Infinity Being 6:12

Spotted Peccary SPM-3006

(CD/DDL 66:44) (V.F.)

(Symphonic soundscapes, E-Rock)

A droning line and another with a more industrial texture are at the origin of the first keyboard chords that open the title-track of this latest opus by Sverre Knut Johansen. These keyboard chords tinkle softly in an austere setting. They carve out a slow, dark astral ascent that collides with a surprising, and above all unexpected, rhythmic structure just after the first minute. It's a fusion of bass pulses and percussive slams whose circular flow forges a rhythmic ritornello that has the charm equivalent of a melody that is maker of an earworm. Built with a vision of complexity, this first rhythmic structure to shake up METAHUMAN's ambiences leaves an imprint that will be difficult to dislodge from the other rhythmic entities of this very beautiful album of the Norwegian musician. This rhythmic rush resounds in the vast soundscape of METAHUMAN where Ståle Storløkken scatters the laments of his Haken Continuum, also present in METAHUMAN (Extended), in the furrows of these 4 to 5 keyboard chords which end up weaving the bases of this melody which will anchor the next ones to come of the album. METAHUMAN shows this amazing capacity that SKJ has to combine complexity and accessibility in an astral symphony where the New Age remains in the shadow of a sonic vastitude whose harmonious plains sing on convoluted rhythm structures. These rhythms rest on a mesh of electronic percussion, highly nuanced sequences and orchestral arrangements that are also complicit in a musical texture filled with poignant moments as well as crescendos. Between Vangelis and David Wright