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TANGERINE DREAM: A Cage in Search of a Bird (2009)

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

It's a good thing that a friend of mine lent it to me... Pitiful Edgar. Pitiful!

1 A Cage in Search of a Bird Part I 4:26

2 A Cage in Search of a Bird Part II 7:34

3 Kiev Mission (Remake 2009) 8:00

Eastgate 038 MINI CUPDISC 6

(CD 19:59) (V.F.)


TD fans (are there any left?), ABSOLUTELY avoid reading this review. It could be harmful to your financial, cultural and fanatic health...And I should have known better! Waited for a friend to lend it to me. Which I did! After all, I was looking forward to hearing this famous reconstruction of Kiev Mission. I was wrong to do so. I put my ear on a nameless tomfoolery. Hence my anger and lack of objectivity towards this new Cup-Disc format, the mini Cup-Disc. Humm...!!! Do we have to remind that originally the Cup-Disc series would not last less than 40 minutes? Here is one that doesn't even exceed the 20 minutes mark. No problem, it will be a mini Cup-Disc. A bit like Choice, Fallen Angel and others. You'd think Edgar Froese would have understood the extent of his fans' religious fanaticism. Moreover, the presence of A CAGE IN SEARCH OF A BIRD is explained as being essential because of the remake of a Tangerine Dream's classic from the Virgin years: Kiev Mission out of the Exit album. Let's see what it's all about!

First of all, let's specify that the first 2 tracks are leftovers from Winter In Hiroshima. The same sound mold that serves as a rhythmic base for Transition and Glowing Vision, with the added bonus of the bloody exhausting voice that darkens and weakens the rhythmic structure that we find on Winter!!!! Ayoye! The worst is that the mess continues on the remake of Kiev Mission. A real rip-off that pissed me off! A shame! Fake performance that flirts with rip-off. The music? I don't know, I can't stand this synthetic voice without soul and warmth. I was very disappointed by this mini Cup-Disc which brings absolutely nothing new in the catalog, however already well furnished in turnips, of Tangerine Dream. I don't know if someone at TD management is ashamed. They all should be as far as I'm concerned. It's a good thing that a friend of mine lent it to me... Pitiful Edgar. Pitiful!

Sylvain Lupari (09/11/09) *****

Available at Groove nl

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