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TANGERINE DREAM: Canyon Dreams (86-99)

Gathering the music of Franke, Froese and Haslinger, Canyon Dreams is a fair soundtrack which doesn't deserve to be forgotten

1 Shadow Flyer 5:47  

2 Canyon Carver 4:20 

3 Water's Gift 5:27 

4 Canyon Voices 4:28  

5 Sudden Revelation 4:48  

6 A Matter of Time 8:56 

7 Purple Nightfall 2:08 

8 Colorado Dawn 4:28 

9. Rocky Mountain Hawk 5:06

Miramar‎– MPCD 2801 TDI CD021

(CD/DDL 45:28) (V.F.)

(New Age, Easy listening EM)

CANYON DREAMS is the debut of Tangerine Dream's Seattle era. A period of four years which will present us a more rock and more electric TD. On the other hand, this soundtrack is more relaxed, even being nominated for a Grammy in the section of the best New Age album in 1991. Documentary film shot around the 85's by the American firm Camera One, specialized in documentaries on nature and environments, CANYON DREAMS experienced some structural twists and turns to reach this final version. The first version was doubled by a pirate recording which included a better sound, as well as the track Colorado Dawn composed by Jerome Froese, from the integral of the Laser Disc which followed the first publication in VHS. As the DVD arrived in 1999, the track Rocky Mountain Hawk, also written by Jerome, was added. Making the race for the collection of Tangerine Dream works even more expensive.

The first edition, that of 1986, brought together the trio Chris Franke, Edgar Froese and Paul Haslinger. And at the first notes of Shadow Flyer, we perfectly feel the style of the trio who gave us Underwater Twilight and Tyger. Imaginative and visionary! A tribal-flavored flute follows a nervous keyboard on a hopping sequence. The rhythm is sustained in a vision of the wild and risky nature of the Grand Canyon, which is perfectly balanced, like this quite convincing opening of Water's Gift. Sober, the music gives all the presence to the images with soft, hovering and atmospheric titles like Canyon Voices and Sudden Revelation. A Matter of Time is a nice title, with possibly the best shots on VHS. The melody is very similar to that of Underwater Sunlight's Song of the Whale. Purple Nightfall gently ends this Wildlife documentary shoot by Jan Nickman.

The extra tracks added by Jerome left me indifferent. If their artistic designs are out of place, especially Colorado Dawn which is a good and captivating melody, they don't enhance the musical approach of CANYON DREAMS. Rocky Mountain Hawk is a long title with vaporous atmospheres which let hear the roars of a Sasquatch on a soaring flute. We can assume any link with the original music, except that the sound and the very established digital effect leave a different taste from what the trio Franke, Froese and Haslinger has conceived. A dilemma for collectors and a way for Miramar to get additional money.

The real CANYON DREAMS is the first version. The authentic which is an artistic creation in accordance with the need of the documentary filmmaker. The reworked versions of Jerome Froese are worth it if you don't yet have the CD which can be find at very good price on Ebay… A good soundtrack that doesn't deserve to be forgotten.

Sylvain Lupari (September 12th, 2007) ***½**

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