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TANGERINE DREAM: Heartbreakers (1985)

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Heartbreaker is a disappointing soundtrack on all the line

1 Heartbreakers 2:30

2 Footbridge to Heaven 3:00

3 Twilight Painter 4:12

4 Gemini 3:28

5 Rain in N.Y. City 3:23

6 Pastime 3:00

7 The Looser 3:17

8 Breathing the Night Away 2:25

9 Desire 5:38

10 Thorny Affair 3:10

11 Daybreak 4:07

Silva America | SSD 1039

(CD 38:10) (V.F.)

(Soft synth rock)

Always much in demand among the movie makers industry, the members of Tangerine Dream multiply the soundtracks at a furious pace. The source of motivation for Froese, Franke and Schmoelling is the acquisition of last electronic equipment technologies and building studios that will answer the creativity of the Berlin trio. Except that quietly some of them start to be out of breath, of whom Johannes Schmoelling. And due to the fact that composing music like being a human automatic distributor of music, some of the albums offered may sound not as good as others from time to time. And HEARTBREAKER is one of them! And behind it, we feel that TD becomes Americanized and seems more and more denying its artistic origins by producing an album of a weakness which leaves a bitter sound in the ears of fans.

And straight from the first chords of the title-track we sense the sound of light synth pop that tries to take the German trio. Don't expect something great because HEARTBREAKER is a painful album! We are entitled to a Dream quite petite. A kind of Dream that creates pinky Bubble Gum's music with a scent for spotty and dreamy teenagers. Ballads like Footbridge to Heaven, Rain in N.Y. City and Daybreak are made of rhythms without colours and nor identities as well as banal and dull synths. It's a kind of soft synth rock with a zest of New Age which seems to draw the next musical directions of the Dream. Twilight Painter seems to be taken out of Le Parc sessions so much the keys are similar to those on Tiergarden. Frisky, Gemini and Pastime have a more rock approach with simple-minded rhythms and a so/so guitar play. The Looser is ok with a good sequencer which draws a good slow rhythm tortured by Edgar's guitar who seems quite at ease on it. Without being greatly melodious, Breathing the Night Away lulls us on a Schmoelling's very charming piano. Desire is my favorite track. It's a good piece of music with a very melancholic pattern which surprises us by its sweetness and its nice synths mixed to breaths of gloomy flutes. Some good TD but still timid TD! Next Generation and Thorny Affair? Incapable of feeling it! Empty and insipid on big mindless riffs.

HEARTBREAKER is disappointing on all the line. A work that should never have been born and which depicts an obvious creative malaise inside the band. You might like it if easy musical structure is your thing but there are more much better soundtracks from Froese & Co. It was once a piece of collection, but the rerelease by Silva Screen in 1995 made it more affordable since. But the European Virgin edition is still a sought after, showing that Tangerine Dream will always be bigger than its myth.

Sylvain Lupari (January 23rd, 2013) *****

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