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TANGERINE DREAM: Risky Business (1984)

Without being a big EM contemporary work, Risky Business shows all of Tangerine Dream popularity through ages

1 Old Time Rock And Roll

Bob Seger 3:16

2 The Dream Is Always the Same Tangerine Dream 3:42

3 No Future (Get off the Babysitter) Tangerine Dream 3:00

4 Guido the Killer Pimp

Tangerine Dream 4:18

5 Lana Tangerine Dream 3:51

6 Mannish Boy (I'm A Man)

Muddy Waters 4:02

7 The Pump Jeff Beck 5:44

8 D.M.S.R. Prince 5:05

9 After the Fall Journey 4:20

10 In the Air Tonight

Phil Collins 5:26 

11 Love on A Real Train (Risky Business) Tangerine Dream 3:58


(CD 45:42) (V.F.)

(OST E-Rock)

Obviously, the purpose of the chronicle is the music by Tangerine Dream. So, I will not talk about the other titles, even if I have a big crush for In The Air Tonight. Among the 11 titles, 5 come from the Berlin trio. Based on the same principle as Exit, the pieces are all short and very rhythmic. Electronic music sequenced in a lively pace of progressive, symphonic and commercial rock that flooded the radio waves at that time. Nearly 20 minutes where the music of TD is measured with that of the great names of rock of the time. If Bob Seger and Phil Collins were popular, Tangerine Dream did not look penguin and amorphous. Far from that! The Dream is Always the Same has a small island rhythm with a superb sequencer and a light synth that sticks a very average fluty melody. Let's say it's the equivalent of a B side of a big commercial hit. No Future (Get off the Babysitter) really sounds like Exit with its metallic percussions which click on pulsations whose sound shadows intensify the disturbing presence of reverberation's waves. Guido The Killer Pimp is a nice ballad with an acoustic guitar and a sequenced rhythm which increases and gets more rock with big riffs and waves of percussion's rolls. A title probably released from the Force Majeure sessions, just like Lana and its electric guitar sequence. The sequenced wave motion of Love on a Real Train is simply sublime and defined Tangerine Dream as the undisputed Master of Visual Music. One of the strong titles of the TD catalog which was the single of this soundtrack and which became an unavoidable part of its repertoire during concerts until the 90's.

Without being a great contemporary work, the film-music of RISKY BUSINESS shows the impact, the credibility and the increasing popularity of Tangerine Dream in the great circus of the 7th art. Glued to the images of a young Tom Cruise and his innocent look, the music of TD is offered to a younger audience who knew nothing of his history or his music. Even today, it's not uncommon to hear fans say that they knew the music of the Dream with Love on a Real Train. So, twenty minutes of beautiful music by Tangerine Dream in a soundtrack that the trio brings to a very respectable artistic level, without forgetting Phil Collins and his nebulous In the Air Tonight

Sylvain Lupari (September 19th, 2006) ***½**

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