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THANECO: Cygnus A (2021)

This EP is pure EM dynamite to put in your ears and under your feet

1 Expedition to Cygnus A 6:45

2 Cassiopeia 3:58

3 A Cup of Coffee with the Astrophysics 6:45

4 Return to Base 5:34

(DDL E.P. 23:03) (V.F.)

(Cosmic E-Rock)

Gone completely unnoticed at the end of December 21, CYGNUS A is a mini album-download offered completely free by Thaneco on its Bandcamp site. Lively and energizing in a fusion of dynamic electronic rock and electronica, the music is unreleased except for Expedition to Cygnus A which appeared on the compilation entitled A piece of music that I wrote during quarantine from the independent artist collective Filamnet Zine. This is always another great gift from Thanos Oikonomopoulos who presents us with a side of his character that is very much boosted, if not animated with a rage of living free.

Opening with a mix of celestial vocal layers and steel blue synth blades, Expedition to Cygnus A doesn't waste 30 seconds in order to offer us an electronic rhythm sculpted with keen oscillations that describe rhythmic kicks bubbling in a static envelope. The synth multiplies its layers whose perfumes of serenity contrast with the brutality of the rhythm conceived of jolts, kicks and always in the embryonic state. While another line of arpeggios snakes its contained fury, a few seconds after the 2nd minute, the percussions get in 30 seconds further with thunderous boom-booms. Some percussive rattlings are added as well as synth chirps a few seconds later. The set is overflowing with tones closely related to our vision of the Cygnus A radiogalaxy. The mixture of all these elements leads Expedition to Cygnus A to reach a furious structure where rock and techno confront each other in a musical fight where only our ears will be the winners. Cassiopeia offers a tasty rhythm structure that is often found in the programmed rhythms of commercial organs. And this rhythm looks great with its array of percussive tinkles and it's The Doors-like melody. A cute track that is impossible not to like, nor to dance on its simplistic and catchy rhythm. We always stay in the driving rhythm with the structure of Groove and Cosmic Funk in A Cup of Coffee with the Astrophysics. The percussion playing is seductive with a parallel vision to that groovy bass line while the harmonious side hooks us quite easily. It takes me back to the days of Groove Armada or Leftfield, while Return to Base ends this CYGNUS A in a vision where cosmic rock and EDM merge in a Moonbooter-like structure.

Cast in a vision of unique accessibility to a more commercial music, this mini album-download from Thaneco is effective, uplifting and highly infectious if you appreciate a lively EDM that flirts with the boundaries of Techno, Electronica and Cosmic Rock. It's very different from the Greek synthesist's musical signature, but it's a pleasant 23 minutes of pure dynamite to put in your ears and under your feet.

Sylvain Lupari (May 2nd, 2022) ***½**

Available at Thaneco Bandcamp

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