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THE ELECTRIC GOLEM: The Electric Golem (2010)

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

It's an album of highly psychedelic EM which transcends anything commercial

1 Deep Diving for Chickens 29:50

2 This Must be the Place 25:20

(CD 55:10) (V.F.)

(Experimental EM)

Beats that turn into irregular Geiger counter signals with a troubling static are at the origin of Deep Diving for Chickens. The track infiltrates a blurred rhythm where accordion layers cross indistinct mooing. Strange you say? Well, this is only the beginning! Very experimental, The Electric Golem is an American duo formed by Trevor Pinch, who has the particularity to create his own synthesizers, and James Spitznagel. Together they concoct a very abstract kitchen music where the rhythms are parsimonious and buried under an avalanche of sound effects as much cosmic, as electronic and more often experimental. A music more ambient than sequenced in a more psychedelic approach of the 60's and 70's.

Deep Diving for Chickens offers a nebulous intro with an incoherent rhythm and an ambiguous structure where everything is a pretext for a massive use of heterogeneous sounds. If experimental EM appeals to you THE ELECTRIC GOLEM will satisfy your curiosity of senses and sounds. If there are long ambient moments filled with an atmospherical vision where being stoned does its work, there are good moments and others simply great. Like this cadence that comes from nowhere around the 8th minute and quietly adopts a slow hammered rhythm of hesitant percussions. Heavy hits that fall among jerky synth chords, on the edge of a limping rhythm. Playing between pure ambient and fragmented rhythm, Deep Diving for Chickens caresses beautiful ambient moments that lead to very eclectic, sometimes aggressive, sounds before forming those impromptu cadences that make its charm. This Must be the Place features a slow, caustic intro where reverbs circulate among moody, disoriented guitar chords. Distressing synth streaks fly over an atonal movement from which a variety of sounds, as melodic (piano notes) as cacophonous (twisted synth strata with slow resonances), fuse. And a bit like in Deep Diving for Chickens, the structure embraces an atonal phase before deviating on a rhythm emerging from various sonorities. A brief minimalism cadence before This Must be the Place plunges back into the throes of sonic research and the meeting points of musical schizophrenia and corrosive psychedelia.

You understood that THE ELECTRIC GOLEM is not for all the ears. It's an album of highly psychedelic electronic music where the parsimonious rhythms are drowned under a deluge of sound effects as colorful than strange. It's for daring ears and lovers of music that transcends anything commercial.

Sylvain Lupari (April 19th, 2011) ***½**

Available at Ricochet Dream

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