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TRIPALDI & JIMÉNEZ: ¿Dónde habitan los recuerdos? (2021)

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

“There is always something interesting coming out of the label Cyclical Dreams”

1 Olvidar 6:32

2 Carcomiendo 11:07

3 Hábitos 4:38

4 Acumulados 7:23

5 En la vida del ensueño 2:56

6 De nuestra experiencia pasada 5:30

(DDL 38:06) (V.F.)

(Tribal & Progressive EM)

There is always something interesting coming out of the label Cyclical Dreams. This time it's the artist Lucas Tripaldi, whom we discovered in the Dreams #1 compilation but especially in the album Sequence at the End of the World by Cartas de Japón. He teams up here with Tony Jimenez, a childhood friend from the streets of Buenos Aires who became a filmmaker for the time of this project. ¿DÓNDE HABITAN LOS RECUERDOS? for Where do memories live? is based on old video recordings (VHS) found years later that Tony was able to recover to make a fairly decent montage. Lucas Tripoldi's music is based on the emotions he improvised while watching his friend's video montages. You can watch the complete project on the You Tube site of Lucas Tripoldi & Tony Jimenez

An ambient track floating in a forbidden zone, Olvidar opens with a shadow that expands its pulsating reverberations. A titanic sinister opening with the presence of this bass line that undulates between organic, even prismatic sound FX. One hears psybient effects, borrowed from the 70's, like strange dialects of invertebrate mollusks while the bass layer emerges from the iodized fog to eject a series of impulses from which comes out this invading melody rolling in loops up until memories metamorphose into oblivion. It's with mystery that the duo Tripaldi & Jimenez decided to wrap the imperfect images of the videotapes of an era saved from nothingness. In ¿DÓNDE HABITAN LOS RECUERDOS? the Argentine musician deploys a texture of intrigue to give a tonal color to lost and found memories. Where do the memories live? We continue the journey of the two artist-friends with the longest track of the album, Carcomiendo. The opening is less sordid with layers of ether vapors that sound very Neuronium, in their first albums. Aerial beats scatter their circular hits throughout this anesthetic setting until an initial movement of ambient sequences hint at the genesis of a rhythm after the second minute. Sibylline synth chants add a cacophonous dimension à la Jacob's Ladder to this track where the rhythm struggles to drag its shell. It finds its rise after the 6th minute to throb and bounce in a form of rhythmic harmony rolling in loops. It's the creation of a superb ambient Berlin School with its harmonious rhythm, sculptor of solid earworm, which shines even more when synth blades add a rather poignant emotional dimension.

A very good track that one bores as soon as the Estonian vocal effects surround Hábitos. Fortunately for my ears, Lucas Tripaldi adds some rhythm with two lines of intertwined sequences that pulsate and jump for the happiness of the fans of the genre. At the end it turns out to be a good track, even with the voices and their effects. Whispers and murmurs! Secrets fanned in a fluty ode and on percussive sequences doing tap-dancing in narrow winding corridors, Acumulados is a superb maneuver on the art of building rhythms out of nothing. An ambient rhythm, but not for the neurons, in a track as effective as Carcomiendo and this on its 7 minutes of pure magic for the ears. The attraction for the landscapes of satanic ambiences returns with the short En la vida del ensueño. A title with ambiences too disturbing to espouse its meaning. But the music and effects are very good and bring me back to the archaeology scenes in the Exorcist film series. De nuestra experiencia pasada ends ¿DÓNDE HABITAN LOS RECUERDOS? with layers of rough languages from a Farfisa. They are luxuriant and accumulate in a mosaic drifting slowly on a bed of percussive sequences and also on harmonies of a synth flirting with solos in the form of ethereal chants rolling in loops and coaxing the optimistic vision of our memories half recovered.

Sylvain Lupari (June 30th, 2021) ****¼*

Available at Cyclical Dreams Bandcamp

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