• Sylvain Lupari

UWE RECKZEH: Perfection Mode (2015)

“This is without a doubt the best opus of Uwe Reckzeh who finally tamed a unique way to enrich his structures with a deep sonic texture equals to the great names in the genre”

1 Cold Mountain 14:50 2 Forbidden Thoughts 12:02 3 Perfection Mode 12:48 4 Sequence Mode 14:42 5 Transfer Mode 16:52 MellowJet Records | CD-r ur1501 (CD-r/DDL 71:14) (VF) (New and Retro Berlin School)

Here is an album that has the ambition of its artwork. Of its presentation! The ochre color, the rusty red of an earth which is granulated of radioactive dust can be heard quite everywhere in the rich sound atmospheres which wrap the 71 minutes of PERFECTION MODE. Always influenced by the essences of Tangerine Dream, mainly of the Hyperborea period, Uwe Reckzeh shows on this last album an impressive assurance by flooding his rhythms, always braided in parallel sequenced movements, with an atmosphere as much puzzling as the colors which instigate the imagination. The German synthesist shows so much resourcefulness by sculpting ambiences that the link to make between his last work and those of Bernd Kistenmacher is more than omnipresent. PERFECTION MODE, it's 5 sonic corridors well settled over minimalist structures where the main rhythmic plans are delicately hijacked from their axes by movements of adjacent rhythms which divide their skeletons in rather harmonious approaches. These contrasts are objects of seduction for the ears which also stuff themselves with these completely unexpected duels between guitar and keyboards in an environment which is in continual movement.

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