• Sylvain Lupari

UWE RECKZEH: Voyage (2021)

Heavy, powerful and creative, you have to give a chance to Uwe Reckzeh's Voyage

1 Dragawhaa 12:40

2 Transalpen 7:20

3 Later as Soon 17:58

4 Tonescrapes 8:45

5 Particles 8:15

6 Later as Possible 6:20

7 Voyniich 7:43

MellowJet Records ‎– cdr-ur2101

(CD-R/DDL 69:06) (V.F.)

(Hard & Loud Berlin School)

Muffled explosions, empty bottles clattering, and other percussive sound effects are at the origin of Dragawhaa and its ambiences of a boat dock, judging by the cries of seagulls and terns. One feels an effervescence swelling as we head into the 3rd minute which is loaded with a compact and still not really identifiable volume of sounds. These unidentified exploding have turn into chords, and even pfutt, while the bottles are still being shaken with the same indelicacy. The noise of the oscillations reflects this struggle of Uwe Reckzeh in order to properly feed this opening after almost 3 years of silence since Surreal Dreams released in June 2018. We get there after the 4th minute. The clanking of bottles has that ghostly air belonging to Poland, the title track. All this preamble leads us to the 5th minute; Dragawhaa's takeoff. The rhythm is tightly woven with all the elements that gradually forged it as the synth unscrews good solos and the keyboard unravels a beautiful choreography of twirling