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V/A: Groove's Analogy Vol. 3 (2007)

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

It's a very nice collection of tracks that can be listened to from one end to the other

1 Vintage Contemporaries 7:11 (Gert Emmens & James Clent)

2 Red Alert 2:52 (Create)

3 A Molecular Surge 6:07 (S Parsicks)

4 Monopology 6:54 (Gert Blokzijl)

5 Cosmic Kiwi III 0:42 (Russell Story)

6 Synthology 4:56 (Synth.NL)

7 Sea Click 5:19 (F Pol Cornec)

8 Solina 2:23 (E Hofstede)

9 Ambiology 4:31 (JJ Clent)

10 Cosmic Kiwi III 3:06 (R Story)

11 Familiar Surprisesn 4:25 (T Winther)

12 Probe One 4:31 (Studio35D)

13 Analogum 7:31 (Schonwalder's Filterkaffee)

14 In the Moog 3:46 (Eric G)

15 Ceci n'est pas un Analogue 3:13 (RV Dr Wouden)

16 Semdrone (Spaceship One Edit) 4:11 (Mono-Poly)

17 Analowho 7:54 (R Boots)

Groove GR-142

(CD/DDL 79:31) (V.F.)

(Ambient, Berlin School)

Compilations of various artists let me quite indifferent. Too often they use big names to make us buy a compilation full of unknown artists that are worthless. Regularly, these compilations offer 2 or 3 good tracks and that's all. Too often, they use a famous artist who places an unreleased track as a pretext to buy the compilation. It's the opposite with ANALOGY Vol. 3! First of all, Groove nl. has a spotless reputation for the quality of their products. Ron Boots and Kees Aerts are lovers of electronic music (EM) and have made it their goal to bring this art form to a wider audience. So, we have here a very nice compilation of unreleased tracks by committed artists and thanks to a superb mastering by Ron Boots, ANALOGY Vol. 3 offers a very surprising musical homogeneity. A CD of a great artistic creativity where the tracks follow one another in a progressive evolution on always captivating rhythms which cross atmospheric moments, sometimes intense and sometimes ethereal, always at the limits of the charms of the analog EM and its seductive sound effects.

Gert Emmens and James Clent start this compilation with a track in the pure Emmens tradition. Vintage Contemporaries is filled of good snoring sequences that ride an undulating beat with analog sound effects that live between Gert Emmens' dense orchestral mists and melodic-jazzy screaming solos. In 7 minutes, the duo wonderfully explores Emmens' musical style, which is one of the jewels of contemporary EM. Two tracks with more ethereal atmospheres follow. If Red Alert presents a jerky sound a la Create, A Molecular Surge is equal to ['ramp]'s repertoire, heavy and intriguing on a dark background. Surprisingly, Gert Blokzijl offers us a heavy track that moves like a train going through miles of tunnel. The ambiences of Monopology are heavy and cling to a rhythm with incessant loops. Nervous, the arpeggios flicker over enveloping synth waves to create a rich mood that rests on Russell Story's short Cosmic Kiwi. This brief respite is followed by the slow, sensual Synthology from