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Various DiN Index06

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

“I persist and sign, these INDEX's compilationsare the best way to enter to the wonderful universe of DiN ...”

1 Bardo Waves 4:35

2 Opera 4:35

3 Memento 4:17

4 Colony 4:10

5 Subterranea 3:35

6 Perpetuum Mobile 1 4:39

7 Underclouds 4:13

8 Altair 5:02

9 Requiem 4:40

10 Quantum of Memory 4:42

11 Filament 4:07

12 Fleet 3:57

13 The Thaumaturge 3:47

14 Remnants 3:49

15 Shinkansen North 4:58

16 Dinamo 3:25

17 Howl 3:22

18 Stay 4:57

(CD/DDL 77:00) (V.F.)

(Ambient, electronic post-rock, IDM, Berlin & England Schools) Everything is going well in the world of DiN. The proof is this other collection soberly titled INDEX06 which is an overview of the last 9 CD's that have followed CD DiN 51, As Above So Below on the English label since 2016. And Ian Boddy is omnipresent on this collaboration! In addition to selecting, assembling, mixing and mastering the 77 minutes of INDEX06, he presents two solo albums, two albums in collaboration, one with Erik Wollo and the other with Markus Reuter, and finally an album with Mark Shreeve in the duet-canon Arc. And as in the first 5 chapters of Index, Ian Boddy mix ambiances and rhythms in another fascinating mosaic that flies over As Above So Below to Altair which was released last March. Two albums from Ian Boddy.

It's Bluetech which begins our auditory visit of the 60th album of DiN with a peaceful structure to make dream. Shimmering arpeggios are swirling around us, like an allegorical carousel filled of limpid chords of glass. Bardo Waves belongs to a first album of Bleutech on DiN; Liquid Geometries. Another newcomer follows with a superb Teutonic melodious approach filled by pulsations, glitch tones and sound effects in Opera from the Télégraphe album

by d'Voxx. The beauties of the complexity of the modular synths are in the core of these two new albums on DiN, as well as many other ones here. Fleeting wave of sound effets leads us into a rather King Crimson universe with Memento from the album of the same name concocted by the duet Reuter/Boddy. Imagine the guitar of Robert Fripp floating in an Electronica ambience and it gives Memento. Colony, from the Wollo/Boddy duo follows with a light and catchy rhythm that also serves as a primer to Bluetech's dark Subterranea. A short excerpt from Perpetuum Mobile 1, of the imposing Node Live, proposes the animated and dangerous side of this title shortened to 4 minutes and dust. This is an excellent prelude to the slow and weighty organic world of Parallel Worlds & Dave Bessell which is proposed here by the title Underclouds. The principle of diabolical melody sparkling in a chthonic universe is in keeping with the label of this rather eclectic duet. Altair, from the album of the same name, proposes this figure of ambient rhythm which is crushed by a sound fauna flirting with the psychedelism of modular synths. We arrive at the ambient Requiem of Ian Boddy and Erik Wollo who concludes the first half of INDEX06 in a form of serenity ...

... up until the first jingles of Quantum of Memory belonging to As Above So Below. This excellent album belongs to Ian Boddy and these arpeggios that tinkle like glass serenades on a velletic rhythm are bewitching. This is quite a contrast to the heavy Filament from the Dystopia album of Parallel Worlds & Dave Bessell, which is also quite like King Crimson too, but in a very dark vision and with more modern rhythms. It's not quite Electronica, but we're not far. Arc has also offered us a very good album during this period in Fleet. And it's precisely the title track that follows with its hobbling rhythm and its melody charmer of senses that is very Cosmic Berlin School. INDEX06 raises its level of intensity with Ian Boddy's lively electronic rock on his The Thaumaturge from the As Above So Below album. There is an intense cinematographic vision in this title. The following title, Remnants, still from Ian Boddy but from the album Altair this time, adds a layer with its sibylline vision where slow orchestrations and soft espaced pulsations are the bed of a celestial choir. This title without rhythm but with so many ambiences deviates towards the fury of Node with a segment, quite powerful, of Shinkansen North. A pure England School with a sequencer in mode; run after your breath if you want to follow the beat! The dizzying spiral of Dinamo, of d'Voxx's Telegraph album, intoxicates us before that the powerful and very catchy Arc's Howl finishes us! And it's going to take the slow circular waves and their elasticity forged in the reverberant drones of Stay, from the album Memento, in order to get our feet firmly fixed on the ground.

Another very good compilation by Ian Boddy, INDEX06 is an excellent complement to the 9 albums that initiated it, since located in such a context the 18 titles proposed here bring a totally different vision to this album stitched more in rhythms than passages of ambiences. And for others: I persist and sign, this is the best way to enter to the wonderful universe of DiN ...

Sylvain Lupari (August 3rd, 2019) ****¼*

Avalaible at DiN's Bandcamp

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