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VARIOUS: Silver 25th Anniversary-Selection of Electronic Rarities (2016)

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

Here is another very fine compilation out of Spheric vaults with a bunch of new music from artists who guided it out of the unknown

1 Late Evening (Joel Fajerman) 3:28 2 AtmoSPHERIC (Robert Schroeder) 6:30 3 Starlight (Klangwelt) 7:52 4 Edison’s Legacy (Axess) 9:57 5 Ambient Garden (Vanderson) 5:25 6 In hellem Blau (Rudolf Heimann) 5:26 7 Room Caught in a State of Longing (Mesmerised) 4:12 8 Art of the Sound Part 3 (Bertrand Loreau) 6:48 9 The Breeze (Klaus Schulze) 5:30 10 Silver (Lambert) 4:20

(CD 59:09) (V.F.) (Berlin School, EDM, Modern BS)

Compilations! I was always wary of it because it really brought nothing new … or so little. But if there is one that has particularly seduced me, that has to be one from the Spheric label back in 2008; Dreams of MySpace Vol. 1: Thanx for the add. We found an EM refreshed with a bunch of little-known artists or then that the time has erased of our memories. Well, Spheric Music does it again with another surprising compilation which underlines the 25 years of this label which acts as the Gallic village in this industrial jungle that became the EM of the Berlin School style over the years. As indicates its title, SILVER 25th ANNIVERSARY- Selection of Electronic Rarities is a collection of music treasures from artists who have appeared on the German label over its 25 years, or artists that will emerge or will emerge again soon on Spheric Music.

The adventure begins with a soft morphic ballad composed by the one who gave us the music of L'aventure des Plantes in the middle of the 80's. I read that Late Evening had pop out from those recording sessions. The style of Joel Fajerman is very French School with an approach as melancholic than romantic which allies the style of Vangelis from the 70's to a slightly cosmic music with a touch of Berlin School of the time. I read somewhere that an album of Joel Fajerman was planned for this year on Spheric Music. I really look forward to hearing that! Those who appreciate the very contemporary EDM approach of Robert Schroeder will be delighted by AtmoSPHERIC which is a very good title from the dominant figure of Lambert Ringlage's label. It's been a while that we had not heard any new music from Klangwelt. Well it's now done with the very dance and catchy Starlight. The tempo is kind of Groovy with a Teutonic approach and a vocoder that will remind memories of Kraftwerk among several of us. But what a synth solo my friends! Pure candy and I want more! Axess (Axel Stupplich) shows us why the music of Pyramid Peak is always so pleasant and melodious with Edison's Legacy which is a good slow tempo with nice effects of a synth and of its vaporous jets which wrap a knot of percussive sequences whose beatings draws the pieces of an attractive harmonious rhythm. Percussions get in this motorik morphic dance in order to wake up these appealing moods which get boosted by an approach of tribal dance from another planet. Simply great! And I told myself; when the next album of Axess or the Peak is due? Vanderson still stay in his Electronica phase with the pulsatory, resounding slow and heavy rhythm of Ambient Garden. A delicate line of sequence makes flutter its frail keys in the background, stimulating a distant Berliner approach. It's a good Lounge mixed to a bit of Groove, nothing more.

In hellem Blau proposes us a Rudolf Heimann always so melodious with a beautiful ballad which sounds a bit like some good Mike Oldfield. The rhythm is hopping, like an astral ride, with good violins, voices of fairies and chords which look so much like a guitar. We may don't know Mesmerised, but Palentir yes! It's Christian Schimmöller's new nom de plume who presents us a music as so filmic than that of Palentir. Room Caught in a State of Longing is the most ambient track of this collection. And its evolution knotted around intensity does very cinematographic. We are not far from a Halloween theme both for the atmosphere and the melody and the effects. Bertrand Loreau remains faithful to his signature of the new iconic character of pure retro Berlin School with a good sequenced movement which progresses beneath the caresses of the songs and solos from a synth in seduction mode. This is great and I can't wait to hear rest of it. The Breeze is not a new track from Klaus Schulze. It's a title which appears on the CD Adds and Edicts from the Contemporary Works 1 boxset. Written with Thomas Kagermann, the music stages a lively rhythmic pattern which zigzags under the charms of a flute. It sounds quite like a World Music with the unique touch of Schulze on sequencer and percussions. Silver from Lambert ends this other very fine compilation with a good electronic rock of the 90's. The rhythm is lively and very infectious with a sound of the MIDI era whereas the melodious structures of the synths reminds me of Mark Shreeve in his Legion period.

Here is the rundown of this SILVER 25th ANNIVERSARY- Selection of Electronic Rarities! An essential compilation for the fanatics of EM of Berliner style and for the beginners, because the music here is more than very approachable. Like that of Dreams of MySpace Vol. 1: Thanx for the add, another great compilation of Spheric Music which I also recommend strongly.

Sylvain Lupari (January 8th, 2017) ****¼*

Available on Spheric Music and CD Baby

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