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WINTHERSTORMER: Live 2007 (2007)

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

This is an honest CD that explores closely WintherStormer's very experimental style

1 Pure Analog Forever 26:06

2 Wooden Chair 28:37

3 Random is our Friend 24:50

Independant Release PP207

(CD-r 79:36) (V.F.)

(Progressive & Experimental EM)

Recorded at the Netherlands E-Live Festival on October 14, 2006, LIVE 2007 was WintherStormer's first contact with one of the bastions of Berlin School style of electronic music. The band took the opportunity to present an extract from their new album Woodwork with a long performance of the fabulous Pure Analog Forever, the band's springboard in the E-M charts. Closing in on 80 minutes, LIVE 2007 is an honest CD that explores closely WintherStormer's very experimental style.

Like rock-flavored gongs, it's an overture powerfully metallic with heavy sound radiations that draws the first movement of Pure Analog Forever. Very alien synth waves get degrade into a nuanced cacophony, to set the pace of this Berlin School's minimalist ascending march. Noisier, more acidic, and especially longer than on the band's first release, Woodwork, this version of Pure Analog Forever commands a gaping opening with spastic derivatives that surround a tetanized finale. But between the introduction and the finale, it's a supple musical world of nuanced and melodious progressions. Welcome to the special world of WintherStormer. A musical world where the hypnotic harmonies meet the quirky sound effects of a synthesizer which does not do in the lace and, we got to say, is discordant of the harmonies in progress. It's as if beauty is altered by vice. The Norwegian quartet composed of Terje Winther, Erik Stormer, Atle Pakusch Gundersen and Geir Marthin Helland delivers their musical visions without restraint. On the other hand, such energy seems to be difficult to capture without retouching nor remixing. At times, the sound is heavy and plagued by distortions that surprisingly blend beautifully with the content. Like WintherStormer defies any harmonious simplicity. Wooden Chair offers an intro filled with soft metallic liquid before exploring a Cosmos with starry breaths. The modulations are tender and inviting, cradled by seismic approaches to a controlled cacophony. The result is a stellar waltz that drifts into a symmetrical darkness, before undertaking a sustained sequenced turn where sound effects cap a superb ascending movement for a beautiful progressive Berlin School. The soaring strands that introduce Random is our Friend temper a cosmic universe that is both wispy and melodic. Heavy pulsations with flickering reverberations pierce the neantized opacity before forming a heavy and jerky sequence that lays down a surprisingly heavy rhythm. Spasms of discordant percussions run through this rhythmic pattern, which is like an uneven ride, constantly docking with a belligerent melody. Great disorganized music, like a huge jam, with layers and guitars that contort themselves on disparate waves, forming a long piece that holds together and delivers a surprising consistency on syncretic elements that fit together. A masterpiece that would benefit from being remixed in the studio!

WintherStormer delivers another intense album of progressive Electronic Music without any commercial vision. Music where the Norwegian band explores the labyrinths of creativity without restraint, nor borders. For fans only. In limited edition, please contact Terje Winther.

Sylvain Lupari (September 30th, 2007) ***½**

Available at Terje Winther Bandcamp

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