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YOG SOTHOTH: Dreams of Mystery (2015 Remix and Re Issued)

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Offered in a new sound lift, Dreams of Mystery reopens the debate and shows a clear difference between a good homemade CD-r and a factory pressed CD

1 Tomb of Pacal (Chillout Mix)  8:48

2 The Mountains of Madness 5:07

3 Tribute to Axess 5:04

4 Ancient Skies 5:22

5 A peaceful Moment 5:39

6 Into Eternity 7:29

7 Belly Soundshapes 8:46

8 Spirits of Atlantis 6:08

9 Entropie 4:32

10 Genetic Sequences 7:20

11 Galactic Voyage 8:00

12 Quasar (Space Version) 5:18

Self-Release (CD 77:50) (V.F.)

(IDM with Berlin School essences)

Following the successes of the Mystical Light albums and of his first solo album, Prehistoric Dawn released in 2012, Michael Wilkes re-edits, remixes and re-releases DREAMS OF MYSTERY in a new sonic envelope. This time, the 12 tracks were remixed, but were especially mastered by none other than Ron Boots. Dreams of Mystery sees again the day in real factory pressed CD. There is no new music on this re-release, except that the sound is improved, and the nuances are better defined. It's less metallic and it's warmer. The basses are better defined, as well as the percussions. Which gives a more heat to the music and the tones and a more depth to its field. In fact the exercise, and I do not want to open a debate here, shows the clear difference between a good mastering, I believe that Ron Boots makes all the difference here, and a homemade CD, or download, which at the end sounded well but which also shows the lacks of means. Is it worth it? Absolutely! If you don't already have it. This remains a beautiful album of heavy IDM which is very near the roots of Berlin School (for the envelope and the sound effects). One thing is sure is if you still haven't DREAMS OF MYSTERY, you don't have excuses anymore. Especially if you enjoyed the last Mystical Light album; Full Moon Rising among which the essences and the brute force seem to have been drawn from here.

Sylvain Lupari (March 8th, 2015) ***½**

Available at Cue Records & Groove NL

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