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AIRSCULPTURE: Before The Moon (2010)

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

This is a shortened version of a great concert that unfolds all of its madness with a 45 minutes less”

La Gomera Pt 1 (22:55)

La Gomera Pt 2 (13:23)

La Gomera Pt 3 (17:51)

La Gomera Pt 4 (12:01)

(CD 66:14)

(Berlin School)

Slightly different from Ricochet Dream's double CD-R edition (RD020-P2), BEFORE The MOON has a new sound-lift in a Digipack format on Ricochet Dream and in a very limited edition of 300 copies. Although it's the same concert, the final result is slightly different with this new mastering done by Pete Ruczynski. Enough that at times, I feel like I hear the same concert but played in two different places. Almost 45 minutes has been removed from its CD-R version, BEFORE The MOON offers a warm sound where the sounds and subtleties of the criss-crossing between the rhythms, as well as the different fragrances of the synths, take on a completely new depth. Like a well polished jewel of its raw state! The intro of La Gomera I remains as gloomy as ever. A slow intro where the richness of heteroclite sounds surprises with respect to the original work. We can clearly hear all the subtleties and the cutting out of the reverberation waves bring a new dimension to the listening because they sparkle in this universe with the halieutic borders, like spectral breaths with irregular loops. Buried in this rich abstract structure, percussive sequences emerge from these hoops and oceanic limbs to hop alternately on a beautiful misty layer of an enchanting mellotron. The strikes become irregular while the mellotron waves its tablecloths with charm and those synths become denser and more intense. The sequencing with African bongos drumming creates a slightly frenetic rhythm, in contrast with the softness of the layers. I tell you that; it's a cross between Ashra and Tangerine Dream! Especially when fine synth solos escape to whistle in an enchanting mist. A superb opening that reaches its hypnotic peak with a powerful crescendo movement around the 19th minute. An avalanche of sequences with African xylophone tones opens La Gomera II. An electronic drum pounds this rhythm, structuring a techno rhythm with a nice bass line that undulates under the layers of a synth full of soft orchestrations and solos. This minimalist rhythmic structure will serve as a canvas for a very good and audacious sound carnival with keys which hesitate between jazz or pure melody. The rhythm dances and trances with a slight frenzy, and the keyboard crosses a heavy bass line that winds while roaring as aggressive synths scream audacious sounds in a whirlwind sound quite delusional. A fair of happiness on a raging cadence where the breaths of spectral synths ululate at the moon under a mist that leads us to dream. An impressive piece of EM with these flutes of mellotron which follow a cadenza unbridled under tortuous solos. One of the extremely powerful titles in the AirSculpture directory.

La Gomera III begins with a heavy bass line that gallops through the misty plains. Keyboard chords weave in loops, while the structure takes a slightly syncopated form. The intro of La Gomera III is a powerful sound whirlwind without direction. A heavy atonal movement where the solos are indistinct, and from which emerges a sequence with crystalline hammering. Hypnotic and psychedelic, AirSculpture strays into the paths of RMI with a synth that blows like a guitar on a heavy structure where the sound effusion is so dense that we get lost. The movement quietly settles a little after the 9th minute, offering a soft structure that oscillates like a hypnotic carousel and where the keys mix with sequences and tortuous synth solos. Frenetic African bongos open La Gomera IV which explodes with violent synth solos blowing resonant guitar aromas. A very good movement of the sequencer with frantic percussions offers an infinite freedom of trance, as in La Gomera II. Synth solos are more virulent and are transported by a dense mellotron haze that encircles a delicate spasmodic movement. La Gomera IV deviates gently on more melodious and less trance rhythms, with beautiful orchestrations and a serene finale that surrounds itself with a mystic aura with superb arrangements. Violins that skim the mystical haze of carnival endings for improvisations, concluding this very good remastering of an excellent concert that unfolds all its madness on the version of the double CD-R Before the (Full) Moon.

Sylvain Lupari (November 9th, 2010) *****

Available on Ricochet Dream

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