• Sylvain Lupari

ANDREAS MEYER: Elektronische Erinnerungen (2015)

Elektronische Erinnerungen is a nice surprise which needed time to let discover this surprising bridge between two eras of the Berlin School

1 Traum 9:56 2 Die Reise 19:12 3 Ruhe 16:24 4 Erinnerungen 11:56 Nord Music

(DDL 57:30) (V.F.)

(Berlin School)

It took me time! But when I got it, I got it! Andreas Meyer is a new name which was blown to me in the ear by my friend Piero (Alluste). At the very beginning, my ears had a little bit of reserve. They were timorous. The style was a little unusual and these sequences which flicker in shades a little bit vague have left me neither fish nor fowl. After 2-3 listening, I even thought of giving up. Hooked on Maxime Chatham's last book, Ruhe fell in my ears with its core of charms. And there I began listening to and finally hear all the subtleties and the nuances, in particular at the level of the variants in the sequencing, which make the long minimalist structures evolutionary of the Andreas Meyer's very first album an oasis of tonal charms where both poles of the Berlin School movement meet in a solid album full of seductive elements.

The electronic recollections are also these first seconds when we used to put a vinyl on our turning table and where the silence was covered by the fryings. It's by this way that Andreas Meyer invites us to dive into the universe of ELEKTRONISCHE ERINNERUNGEN. Here, everything is del