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BASIC PRINCIPLES: Colours (2022)

A splendid find that makes us travels on different rhythmic paths of EM

CD One (70:22)

1 Raw Umber 11:48

2 Indigo 8:31

3 Flake White 6:49

4 Alizarin Crimson 6:56

5 Viridian 5:14

6 Mars Black 9:52

7 Magenta 7:13

8 Maroon 13:56

CD Two (77:49)

1 Prussian Blue 9:39

2 Purple Lake 6:57

3 Sepia 13:52

4 Ultramarine 7:00

5 Cerulean Blue 13:46

6 Black Carbon 14:34

7 Terre Verte 7:25

8 Payne's Grey 4:34

Deserted Island Music DIM-014

(2CD/DDL 148:12) (V.F.)

(Ambient, EDM, Berlin School)

The spheres of electronic music are buzzing with little musical wonders lately that have all the attributes to please the aficionados of the genre and seduce new ears. I'm thinking about the latest Spyra, My Little Garden of Sounds 2022, and the very beautiful Mirabilia from The Soviet Space Dog Project as well as the latest Klaus Schulze of which I should write a text soon. And here is that recently, my ears were measured to this splendid album of Basic Principles! This is quite a find from Remy who welcomes the Dutch musician-synthesist Wladimir Duijndam to the Deserted Island Music family. It is by the big door that Basic Principles arrives here. A first double CD with almost 3 hours of EM that takes us out of our comfort zone by making us travel through a fertile musical imagination brilliantly mixed and mastered by none other than Wouter Bessels. Wladimir Duijndam caresses as many styles as forms with slow hypnotic movements centered on reverb effects and Dark Ambient in rhythm structures that take us out of the Berlin School model widely used here for floating rhythm structures. The tone of the synths is exquisite, as well as the numerous effects that explore an organic-cosmic fauna of a universe at the crossroads. In short, pure enchantment which makes me write that yes, contemporary EM is able to seduce still and always, even after more than 60 years! A sparkle coming out of nowhere...

The first CD unleashes a strike force that is compatible with our highest expectations. Criss-crossing the dark territories of ambient music, it goes through the ambient rhythms as some Electronica patterns, even a small raid in the Disco for Cyborgs to end up in a good Berlin School phase. Raw Umber invites us to this surprising musical fresco with an approach full of mystery. Its envelope originates from a sibylline wave that sings in a spectral opening that respects the essence of the title. A tenebrous wave looms in this setting, stretching its presence that becomes a moving shadow. A shadow that buzzes lightly and floats slowly, like the parachute of a dandelion pushed by a warm w