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BRUNETTE MODELS: Last Poem (2008)

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

It's a sonic adventure that goes far beyond simple musical lifeless

1 Intro 0:56

2 Call Him Dr. Moog 7:18

3 In the Garden of Aphrodite 4:01

4 Fly With me Margo 8:37

5 Lemessos 4:17

6 Picture of your Mind 5:12

7 Madame Charme 5:06

8 This is an Empty World 6:30

9 Anadyomene' Secret 9:59

10 Searching 5:59

(CD 57:54) (V.F.)

(Experimental Abstract EM)

Another musical project from label, Brunette Models is the alter ego of the sound sculptor from Torun, Poland, Peter Krzyzanowski. Sound sculptor because the music of LAST POEM is an interrupted sequence of sound collages on top of sound effects, weaving a strange architecture of sounds where the fusion of ambient and abstract music gives birth to some rhythms lost here and there, giving a more than particular relief to an album that plays as much on vintage as on contemporaneousness effect.

After a brief introduction, where a slow oscillating wave opens this 5th album of Brunette Models, Call Him Dr Moog begins this strange sound journey that tests the cerebral limits. Peter Krzyzanowski explains the functionalities of a Moog through a multitude of sound collages that form a strange musical sphere where stray piano notes float heavily around spacey voices, cosmic streaks, static frying and fleeting rhythms that are a bit hip-hop when not techno in a long sonic wake where sinuous electric sounds create the slow passage of a huge UFO. A dark and cosmic track that depicts the paradoxical artistic approach of Peter Krzyzanowski who keeps forming musical structures from a host of finely crafted sounds. Birds chirping, ducks quacking, and oar strokes digging a sidereal water, In the Garden of Aphrodite flows on a good bass line with soft pulsations and delicate tom-toms reminding the poetic musical universe of Johannes Schmoelling on Wuivend Riet. One of the tracks that catches the ear the most easily with Lemessos, This is an Empty World and Searching. With Fly With me Margo we dive into the more than abstract musical world of Peter Krzyzanowski. Divided in two segments, the first part offers a very colourful intro, almost hostile, with its long metallic layers that crunch in a placid beatless universe, while the second part is more poetic with thin layers of a delicate synth that waltz around shimmering and tinkling keyboards chords as well as among various piano notes. And so scrolls LAST POEM.

Each track is structured with a very metal-noise linear movement where strong sensations of fright, discomfort and paranoia flow over ingenious collages and ephemeral rhythms, like on Anadyomene' Secret. Soft and melancholic, Lemessos is a suite of violin strata that progresses among fine loops with reverberations spinning in an undulating morphic ballet. Picture of your Mind explores the same structures, but with a darker approach where metallic streaks roar among waves turning softly in loops. Quiet synth layers animate of metallic beats form a minimalist and hypnotic tempo, like a ticking clock without time, before switching to a slow pace that beats under a tetanized haze. Madame Charme offers suspended chords that wander in a strange abstract world with very metallic scents before a dark nursery rhyme spins in a light carousel of fear. A feel of terror under violin strata with metallic chords that a dusty mist envelops without ever really smothering it. Even with an absence of rhythm, This is an Empty World is not without life. A long linear movement filled with strong emotions and slow lost rhythms, This is an Empty World does not leave indifferent because of its propensity to introspection on a structure where melancholy and poetry abound. A very good title, just like Lemessos and Searching!

Although there is little rhythm, nor sequential movement, Brunette Models' LAST POEM is a sonic adventure that goes far beyond simple musical lifeless. It's dark and sad yet rich and emotional with linear structures full of sound samplings and isolated rhythms that destabilize and intrigue with a strong sense of sonic immersion.

Sylvain Lupari (October 16th, 2010) ***½**

Available on Generator pl

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