• Sylvain Lupari

Cosmic Ground Isolate (2022)

Updated: Sep 30

A must for fans of the Berlin School in 2022 and for those who want to discover it

1 sgxb 6:47

2 Invade 4:28

3 Haunting 7:00

4 Engrained 17:25

5 Isolate 18:35

6 Desolate 18:56

Tonzonen Records TON128

Cosmic Ground Music

(CD, Vinyl, DDL 73:12) (V.F.)

(Berlin School)

If you're a fan of the Berlin School style, from Ricochet to Force Majeure, ISOLATE is for you! Or, if you're one of those legion of new fans who just so happened to discover this Berlin School style through the airwaves of Redshift, ['ramp] and/or Brendan Pollard, Cosmic Ground's music should call out to you from the very first self-titled opus released in 2014 under the electronic prose of Dirk Jan Müller. Notice that the first category simply goes hand in hand with the second! All this to finally underline that this ISOLATE is without a doubt the most completed album of the German musician since Cosmic Ground. DJ Müller offers nothing less than 73 minutes of heavy and dark electronic music (EM) that is shaken by several polyrhythmic phases while keeping this deliciously chthonian melodious side.

Sgxb sets the tone with a short and legendary opening of dark ambient music. The rhythm emerges at the 30th second from a dense zone of chthonian mist. A sequenced bass line pulses and alternates its beatings, creating a typical Berlin School electronic rock. The rhythm remains homogeneous, to some nuances near, to accelerate slightly in a hardly spasmodic cadence a little before the 4th minute. The synth r