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DASK: Insecta (2019)

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

“Slightly different, this new version of Insecta still is a solid Berlin School with les ambient moments”

1 Arthropod 13:44

2 Segment 3:54

3 Insecta 11:57

4 Biomass 9:55

5 Overwinter 9:19

6 Emergence 9:09

7 Lepidoptera 3:46

(CD-r/DDL 61:47) (V.F.)

(Berlin SChool, cinematographic)

The least we can say is that DASK is very concerned about the fate of insects. Those who are familiar with his Bandcamp universe will find that INSECTA has already appeared on his site in an Extended version in 2017. In fact, there have been 3 versions of INSECTA, including one with a shorter version of the very good title-track. Thus, this new version released on SynGate Records on last July is quite different from the Extended version with one track and ten minutes less. David Marsh chose to replace 3 tracks (Colony, Prevernal and Growth), which cast a very ambiospheric vision to the album, for two, Segment and Lepidoptera, thus modifying the course of this concept album.

Let's say that Segment is more effective with a very chthonic vision and an ambient rhythm structured on sequences and percussive effects with contrasting tones. The structure adopts a mad zigzag shape that is activated by a line of bass sequences. The decor is worthy of a haunted house with good effects in the synths that groan like ghosts' prisoners in the walls. The percussive effects are not left behind with collateral effects that adapt perfectly to this haunted cave atmosphere. Intense and dramatic, it makes a good springboard between Arthropod and Insecta. Speaking of intense and dramatic, Lepidoptera stays in the ambient music field with a very Vangelis vision that makes the hair of the arms shudder.

So, I listened again to this new INSECTA, Arthropod and Insecta are still so intense, to finally choose this version that better meets the idea of ​​concept behind the vision of DASK. It's a solid Berlin School album with strong Vangelis imprints. Different and striking!

Sylvain Lupari (November 15th, 2019) ***½**

Available at SynGate Bandcamp

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