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David Wright Walking with Ghosts (The Remixes) (2018)

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

“For his fans and for those who loved this splendid album which is Walking with Ghosts”

1 ReConnected 7:39 2 Walking with Ghosts (Ambient Mix) 5:12 3 Walking with Ghosts (Chill Mix) 5:42 4 Walking with Ghosts (Big Chill Mix) 6:06 5 Walking with Ghosts Fantasy 6 Stranger Days (Preview) 8:00

(CD-r/DDL/Spotify 40:19) (Harmonic EM, New Age)

We all look forward for David Wright's next album. Constantly postponed for reasons beyond the control of his composer, Stranger Days is a double album that should appear in late August 2018. In the meantime, our friend makes available to his fans this mini album of a 40 minutes which offers 4 versions of his Walking with Ghost composition, without a doubt the flagship album in the career of David Wright. WALKING WITH GHOSTS (The Remixes) also features a segment narrated by David Wright who tells us a bit more about Stranger Days, while giving us a glimpse of the music, as well as a nice revamped version of the Connected title from the album of the same name released in 2012 with ReConnected. And if we recognize the melody, the arrangements are giving goose pimples! The various remixes of the theme song of this best-selling album respect the orientations of the targeted audiences. I prefer Walking with Ghosts (Ambient Mix) which is closer to the original version but with more vitamins in it, while the Chill Mix was already on the menu of Beyond the Airwaves Vol. 2. The Big Chill Mix offers a very lively vision of a music which remains impregnable in my ears with this original version of silver mermaids singing in icy-blue waters. With ReConnected, Walking with Ghosts Fantasy is the only other track here that should appear on Stranger Days. This one is a slow title with the melody that we all know floating in a heavenly scenery. Arrangements to pull out tears get out from the synths and of its strings stretched like the pain of a weeping violin. It's David Wright at his best who knows how to extract the best from his arrangements that he juxtaposes to melodies which will cross the time. For his fans and for those who loved this splendid album which is Walking with Ghosts.

Sylvain Lupari (June 26th, 2018) *****

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