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DIVIDED BY TWO: Dissolution (2019)

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

“Dissolution is mainly aimed to lovers of tones rather than the music itself with a high abstract vision of dark ambient cosmic EM”

1 Dissolution 18:04 2 Growth 17:47 3 Breaths and Voices 17:26 4 The End 21:54 SynGate | LunaDT02

(CD-R/DDL 75:12) (Dark Cosmic Ambient EM)

When one talks about music that is difficult to tame, to even approach, one must think about the music of Divided by Two, which is the kind of EM structured to create horror movies in our imagination. Available in HQ downloadable 24-bit format, DISSOLUTION may push you to the limits of your tolerance, as the sound mass generates titanic shocks and twisted filaments of tonal pains in a dissolving sound magma. Don't look for harmonies nor rhythms. When we find something like that, we must work hard of the brain to really elaborate on something about what looks like a form of beat, of harmony cemented in one block! The title-piece welcomes us with chirps provided of organic tones. The movement goes up and down like a good frame of ambient rhythm. The tweets multiply their presence that is quickly swallowed by synth pads with threatening tones. Dissolution aptly represents the soundscape of this 6th album from the duo consisted of Gabriele Quirici, aka Perceptual Defence, and Danny Budts, better known under the name of Syndromeda. Gigantic mooing of synths set a war between Godzilla and Ultraman (hello the little ones) that takes place in cosmos and its weightlessness effect. The sound direction is rather random with movements which mislaid our ears in a din whose intensity varies with the masses of sounds. The second part is darker with innumerable effects and lines of synths that paint a still fierce scene, the synth blades creak and tear the panorama in many places, and where the few elements of rhythm are fleeing zones in dissolution. A music to listen and to put images on at our proper end of the world! Growth approaches our ears with keys that stretch and slam by both ends. Hard to describe, the effect is strange. It's a bit like stretching a rubber band that breaks like a slow effect of tchick and tchonck tones. We don't even have time to stick to it that our interpretation when a big buzz of space shuttle (sic) chew our eardrums throwing strands, but small strands, of voices in mutation. A mass of winds, of buzzing, get settles. They encircle in a natural corridor whose craggy edges make them howl with shrill cries, while the middle elements come out in an opaque slowness. Of course, that we hear vocal lines winding around this mass! As we hear rustlings or bleating, a bit like a hunter with his big voice who seeks to lure his prey which has 5 legs and 2 heads. What? We are in the world of DISSOLUTION, so everything is possible! And with the help of imagination, we can stick anything we imagine to this scourge of monumental winds which escapes from a long, an endless corridor. After reaching a zenith form, Growth gradually decreases its mistral storm to throw itself into a mouth of orchestrations fed by violent and intense staccato. Described like that it looks like nothing! But there is a lot of intensity and work of sculpting winds, drones, breezes and ululations of Aeolus, as well as his army, in the DISSOLUTION's atmospheres. And what is Breaths and Voices made of? In fact, it's pretty clear! But these immense collages and superimpositions of winds of all kinds, and voices a little more seraphic, are constantly scratched by the rustling of knives spreading the rough side of wind's buckwheat pancake with granular particles full of savors of nut's soaked in iodine. The End exploits huge layers of chthonic voices that suffer and blow in a burning universe. The other percussive elements of this album lurk in these atmospheres in order to extract a semblance of life somewhere. It's a bit long, almost monotonous when the percussion elements become more distant, a little as if the winds and the voices passed by a long horn without level of emotivity. Despite this, a form of clatter shakes the vibe around the 16 minutes without so far that The End exploits this opportunity to put a little positivism between the ears. Dark and boisterous, DISSOLUTION is mainly aimed to lovers of tones rather than the music. Abstract art sculpted by two synth wizard who extract the incredible sonic possibilities out of their equipment. At this level, I can not imagine having a better sound explanation of the dissolution than with this album. The sounds have shapes and colors which exploit with a clear precision the End, the dissolution of a planet of which Divided by Two are the craftsmen hidden in its entrails. I didn't rate it because it's not really my musical genre. But I found the adventure interesting at small doses.

Sylvain Lupari (May 23rd, 2019)

Available at SynGate's Bandcamp

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