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EBIA: Star Voyager (2006)

Updated: May 19, 2022

With a bit of psybient and a huge flora of tones, this EM was good back in 2006 and is still very enjoyable in 2019

1 Star Voyager 13:00

2 Gravitation 7:02

3 Supernova (V838 Monocerotis) 7:12

4 Pulsar 9:34

5 Asteroids 6:50

6 Green Planet 13:57

7 Galactic Dream 7:46

(CD-r/DDL 65:19) (V.F.)

(New Berlin School & E-Rock)

How strange to read me again after what...12 years! At this time of my life, I was definitely enthusiastic ...

Ebia definitely spoils us in 2006. After a rather convincing first album, Elosophy released last summer, the new rising star of EM presents us just at the end of the year a work with a cosmic scope, STAR VOYAGER. For those who love, here's a very beautiful cosmic music presented in a hallucinating space climate surrounded by a sequencer with heavy and powerful lines. The beginnings of EDM!

A sidereal wind pushes a distress message whose transmission is confused by bad reception of the waves. The crackling of the static voices ceases and from this icy silence emerges a sequence with notes that gambol innocently. The caresses of synth sails soothe the placid atmosphere of Star Voyager, while a second sequence, rounder and warmer, infiltrates this pattern by structuring a more accentuated approach. Waves of percussions are breaking in and rolling in sequence on this rhythm all the same stationary, a little like in Caesar In Camerun a classic from Clara Mondshine. A mesh of tribal percussion and of these percussions maintains Star Voyager's static cadence while giving it more punch, while the crystal-clear synth long solos and nice harmonies are being interrupted by catchy choirs. A synth that, at each turn, increases its cadence and intensity with a storage of layers that coiled up with tenderness and emotion, barely stifling the static parasites that are the proof of life of this long title-track and its leaning towards dance music. Gravitation is a spatial ode. An atmospheric title that multiplies the sound effects on an intoxicating slowness. As long that when a removable sequence is presented, it seems to fly at the speed of sound.

A round sequence emerges from a floating atmosphere. It whirls on the reverberation of its waves, overflown by a synth with dense and striking sails. Supernova then explodes on good percussions and becomes a multi-sounds tourbillon with sharp solos on an infernal rhythm. The movement slows down on heavy sails that cling to it firmly. The ambiances are always on the verge of overflow when the synth launches solos and quietly the whirlwind takes its due to explode ... one last time. A lively title that would go well on a dance floor! Pulsar is a wonderful cosmic ballad that progresses on threatening buzzing. The synths are beautiful, captivating and tight. Tribal breaths emerge from its galactic meanders with fine percussion and heavy pulsations. It's a very intriguing atmosphere which is soothed by the sumptuousness of the synth modulations. From surprises to surprises, we sail through some very good musical jewels. A heavy floating atmosphere with its waltzing sails introduced Asteroids. What seemed to be a boring trick develops into a fat sequence that waves on a rotating axis. Flooded of eclectic sound effects of astonishing density, this slow tempo progresses with good percussions and a synth sculptor of melodious passage. Green Planet starts with a nervous and jerky movement. The chords intertwine on their reverberation rays, forming an echo that gives a rhythm focused on discrete arpeggios. Naked, the sequence gambols in a jerky way on sober percussions assisted by electronic castanets. The impulses are heavy and dramatic, giving an intriguing effect that synth solos bring back to more melodious proportions. A beautiful minimalist title with its discrete modulations by an extremely harmonious synth. The sequence gains in crescendo and intensity and let flow by the movements of a synth at the forefront of the art. Another great title, like Galactic Dream and its malicious sequence encircling another bass and agitated sequencing pattern. An intriguing finale, where good synth solos don't succeed to erase the cries of the space's lycanthropes.

What more can I say? STAR VOYAGER from Ebia is one of the good albums I've heard lately. It is full of rhythms, some of which are very lively, and especially of sound effects that give a very attractive dimension for the sense of hearing, as well as surprising reversals that we suspected and that take on the contrary unsuspected tangents. Jörg Bialinska reminds me of Gert Emmens with his dynamic and explosive approach, except that Ebia is even more explosive in flirting with dance hymns. One after one in 2006, he offered us so two solid works that mix harmonies with evolving structures. A good album with a slight shade, static interferences on the opening piece that is a little excessive and annoying. It's psybient…and say that I'll love this kind 10 years later! Without that, it was a little masterpiece. But still in 2019 I had a lot of fun listening to it!

Sylvain Lupari (February 3rd, 2006) ***½**

Available at SynGate Bandcamp

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