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Erik Wollo Elevations (2007)

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Celestial, ethereal and harmonious, this latest opus from Erik Wollo is a nice collection of beautiful and sweet music for the senses

1 Elevation 6:14

2 Blue Odyssey 5:43

3 The Wanderer 6:52

4 Evolution 6:42

5 Sphere - Into the Dream 4:32

6 Red Odyssey 6:05

7 Novalis 4:31

8 A Sea of Steps 6:42

9 Skyscape 2:29

10 Green Odyssey 5:47

11 Arrow of Time 4:28

12 The Land of Birds 2:38

(CD/DDL 65:09) (V.F.)

(Folk Electronic, Tribal & Ambient)

Chords float in a hazy echo, treading the ground with their intriguing reverberations. Floating like a forgotten mist, a soft sequence waddles innocently in this heterogeneous universe which is lulled by a soft piano which is accompanied by ghostly and triturated streaks of a six-string with temperate impulses. ELEVATIONS quietly introduce us to the poetic world of Erik Wollo. The music of this Norwegian guitarist is divided between a harmonious universe without rhythms and subtle tribal incantations as well as bursts of harmonious rhythms. A world where lyricism and melancholy are based on misty ambiences of guitars with layers as enveloping as a synth and its ghostly movements. Take Blue Odyssey and its soft keyboard with echoing notes that roam among the spectral lamentations of a guitar. The introduction shapes a spiritual solitude, before melting on fine percussions which structure a light and catchy rhythm in a metallically ghostly universe. Yet the harmonies are present. The melody is superb. But everything is bathed in a striking introspective climate, like in Evolution and Novalis. And that's the charm of ELEVATIONS. Each track is full of catchy choruses that are lost between two misty layers or between two rhythms, like in Red Odyssey and Green Odyssey, that we hum thoughtfully, as if this music possessed us without leaving this impression. The Wanderer is simply superb with its discreet chords and felted percussions. It's a song as melodious as gloomy on a slightly tribal rhythm. A superb timeless lament, Sphere - Into the Dream sails on minimalism chords wrapped in a synth with striking nostalgic waves. Flowers over mist, so beautiful! Like A Sea of Steps and its soft rhythm with percussions which respond with their echoes. Without forgetting the nebulous Skyscape and The Land of Birds.

ELEVATIONS is beautiful and sweet music for the senses. Those looking for animated sequences will no doubt be disappointed because the rhythms here are as progressive as the wind which pushes and modulates the mists. Celestial, ethereal and harmonious, this latest opus from Erik Wollo is a nice collection of titles as charming as they are captivating. For those who are looking for something else….

Sylvain Lupari (April 15een, 2008) ***½**

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