• Sylvain Lupari

GERT EMMENS: Stories from Floating Worlds 1 (The Turbulent Years) (2017)

“Still here, Gert Emmens succeeds to charm us strongly with his unique synth tone and those moving rhythms which weave some splendid sonic painting”

1 Wandering Between Floating Worlds 12:00 2 Revolution 28:35 3 Why it was Better to Stay Inside Until Dawn... 18:36 4 Signs from the Underground 11:47 Groove Unlimited ‎– GR-241

(CD 71:40) (V.F.) (Cosmic Berlin and Netherlands School)

Gert Emmens has become a familiar face in the kingdom of EM. His name, as well as that of the Ron Boots, comes to our mind once when we speak about dominant figures in the field of Netherlands School. And his albums are loyally expected by the fans of Berlin School. The price of this glory is that the criticism became more demanding, of whom I, in the course of his numerous albums. The problem with Gert is that these albums display this tone so unique to his synths and in this sound air mass that he extirpates from his instruments with a fascinating electronic poetry since Wanderer of Time in 2003. The ambient rhythms, the floating rhythms are also a part of this signature. About 25 albums farther and 15 years later, this challenge that he has to raise constantly in order to maintain this status of EM's star may become heavy on his creativity. There were moments when I got lost in his sound constellations and when I questioned his direction of creativity so much each album takes roots in the precedent. But there was always a little something that bring me back to reason, to home. His very poetic solos, his arrangements drawn from the oil of nostalgia and especially his unstoppable movements in his algorithms of rhythms are so many factors of seduction which commanded me to listen a part of his huge discography each time, or almost, that I received a new album. As here where I threw an ear at The Nearest Faraway Place