• Sylvain Lupari

Giant Skeletons Sleep Tides (2022)

Complex, but it has all the attributes to be tamed chapter by chapter

1 *hypnonaut 11:40

2 *last igloo before darkness 8:38

3 *and miles to go before I sleep 6:21

4 *moth of the outernet 4:18

5 *we are sleep 14:29

6 *pyjama hippie society 10:45

7 *somnotopia 6:33

8 *schlaf strahler - sleep radiator 16:00

Giant Skeletons Music

(DDL 78:48) (V.F.)

(Dark ambient, cinematic)

Today, I propose you an unusual musical experience. Behind a splendid front artwork represented by a painting of the French painter Eugène Anatole Carrière, Sleep 1986, hides a big 79 minutes of electronic music (EM) which wants to be a journey into Nico Walser's space of the auditory sleep. This keyboardist of Electric Mud has a solo project since 2018 named Giant Skeletons. Here, at least on this album, there are no borders! Only dreams set to music and in different sound forms that take the listener on a disturbing journey to the heart of the German musician's dreams. The rhythms? They are rare and take rather the form of cadenced ritornellos which turn mostly in hypnotic circles. The atmospheres are drawn from unrealism, if an art