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KLAUS SCHULZE: Live @ KlangArt 2001 (01-08)

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

A delight, and a delirium, for the fans of the modern times' Mozart

CD 1 75:55

1 Breeze to Sequence 15:08

2 Loops to Groove 12:58

3 From Church to Search 14:06

4 I Loop you Schwindelig 27:59

5 Short Romance 05:44

CD 2 79:02

1 La Fugue Sequenca 21:59

2 Cavalleria Cellisticana 21:51

3 Tracks of Desire 09:13

4 Last Move at Osnabrück 13:36

5 OS 9.07 12:23

SPV 305682 DCD - REV 088

(2 CD 154:57) (V.F.)

(Orchestral & New Berlin School)

Originally released as 2 separate CDs on Rainhorse Records, LIVE @KLANGART 2001 is without a doubt one of his finest recorded live performances. A melodious and superbly warm concert that is superbly reissued by the German label Revisited Records. A reissue that doesn't hide the mistakes of Klaus Schulze's label, but that gives his fans the chance to get their hands and ears on a splendid concert with 2 bonus tracks. A delight, and a delirium, for the fans of the modern times' Mozart!

A sequence with breathless pulsations escapes from a colourful intro worthy of an orchestra tuning its instruments. The master is in good shape and installs his sequences which intertwine under synths with vaporous mists and mellotron gorged by celestial choirs. The rhythm of Breeze to Sequence is feverish and supported by percussions which sculpted the curves of the analog works of the 70's. It draws a fascinating race against time under a rain of twisted solos and rolls in a spiral structure with cascading sequences. Aggressive Klaus who explodes even more with pounding percussions, changing the rhythmic structure around the 11th minute. If Breeze to Sequence is explosive, Loops to Groove is divinely sensual. The synth howls softly on a fragile slow rhythm belted with a good bewitching bass. A synth with oriental perfumes that forms itself to suggestive ambiences and voices with sound incursions that mix captivity to curiosity. This sensual and astral ambience continues until From Church to Search and its juvenile choirs that wander in a floating ambience. Like a spectral wave, the movement spreads with undulating finesse like a tonal shadow in search of meaning. Quietly the percussion waddles From Church to Search, while the synth escapes its arabesque tunes on an increasingly curt flow to fall into the mellotron penumbra of a heavy orchestral finale.

Recorded in the Hambühren studios in June 2001, I Loop you Schwindelig was a bonus track on the 1st cd of the original edition. A track sculpted on a hesitant sequencer structure, a good fluid and bumpy bass with good electronic bongo-style percussions. Some very contemporary Klaus Schulze on a rhythm that grows with heaviness with the help of more lively percussions and tchibidoo that fed the digital delirium of the brilliant German synthesist. Without rhythms, Short Romance is straight out of Ballet's cello reveries that we find on Contemporary Works 2, created at the same time. Its short length makes it an eerie beauty of the first order.

La Fugue Sequenca picks up the concert LIVE @KLANGART 2001 on a fluty synth and its cello laments. These streaks wander through a darkness of composite sonic elements, with huge mournful pulses drawing the reverberating circles that give rise to a gorgeous, nervous sequence dancing over frenzied tabla percussions. Feverish and disordered, La Fugue Sequenca dances on frenetic sequences and a wild rhythm fed by good percussions. The synth with heavy waves multiplies incisive and creative twisted solos. Awesome KS! Cavalleria Cellisticana calms things down with a cello that laments on a mellotron synth and slightly mournful breaths. A lullaby for wandering souls that plunges into the frenzied rhythms of La Fugue Sequenca (12th minute) to resume its soporific and melancholic jeremiads up until the frenetic rhythm of Last Move at Osnabrück. A heavy and enveloping track in a contrasting structure with these dense mellotron layers that moderate a limpid rhythmic. Another excellent track! Respecting the morphic structures of the cello, the bonus track OS 9.07 offers a plaintive intro that soaks in a strangely vaporous atmosphere, intermingling with the exhilarating of variegated voices until the first pounding of percussions. The rhythm then becomes heavier than slow but bewitching on a sequence that rolls and undulates with gravity in a more contemporary universe than the KlangArt concert.

Sylvain Lupari (April 13th, 2008) *****

Available at Groove nl

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